1 000 000 $ investments through our blog RichMonkey.biz. To summarize

Meanwhile, the total number of deposits through our blog monitoring RichMonkey.biz has exceeded the mark in 1 000 000 $ from the moment the site was updated and statistics were added. 1 year and 6 months after rebredding were needed for such a result. Summing up the small results of our work.


Before starting, I would like to thank you, our partners who read our blog, invest in projects through us and are active on our site. Without you, all this would not have happened. Thanks you!

For those who do not know, we fully started our work around the autumn of the 2016 of the year in the VK segment, which we quickly outgrew and now you have a quality resource with useful articles, increased bonuses, contests and insurance.

Some statistics

As stated in the announcement, 1 year and 6 months have passed since the blog was updated. 24.04.2018 we wrote about it here. For this period we have the following results on 29.10.2019:

  • Our partners have invested more than 1 000 000 $ in the hype projects that we select;
  • Processed more 11 000 Bonus applications
  • More 39 000 $ bonuses paid;
  • 3 500 the contributions of our partners were insured in projects;
  • More 75 000 $ covered by the losses of our team;
  • More 7 800 $ paid for writing comments on our blog and participating in contests.

Our statistics are completely open. All applications for orders of bonuses and compensations can be viewed on the forms: refbek и belaying.

Further more! We are not going to stop and are constantly developing our blog. Bonuses from deposits are increasing and project insurance funds are increasingly being added. Investors choose us and we are grateful to them for this!

Compensation Fund on the blog RichMonkey.biz

Compensation Fund of our blog We decided to highlight a separate item in our news. As far as you know, with each purchase of advertising on our website we allocate funds to the general compensation fund, which is used, for the most part, for projects that have worked poorly (did not go round, did not allow anyone to go plus), and if the amount allows , partial compensations can also be made for a project that worked well on schedule.

After adding the total blog stock 09.12.2018 we have paid more 13 000 $ to cover the losses of our partners in fast scam. We believe that this is a good amount to cover losses in projects that were not insured or worked disgustingly. Gradually, the total compensation fund is growing and this once again confirms the fact that it is safe to invest with us!


Thank you for reading this news to the end. We thank all readers and partners of the blog for being with us. Without you, all this would not have happened.

After updating the site, we have such results and we hope that soon we will release another news about 2 000 000 $ invested using our blog.

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  1. gilew455
    19.11.2019 21:10
    It is not surprising, because it is pleasant to work with you, always contests are held with good cash prizes. In general, you can always seek advice
  2. mas777
    05.11.2019 22:43
    Thank you blog!
    More good results !!!
  3. Lorik351
    05.11.2019 14:26
    I wish the blog prosperity!
    1. richmonkey_support
      05.11.2019 19:02
      Thank you!
  4. Lex5964
    31.10.2019 16:43
    Thanks to Rich) I’m not trying in vain) What I can do on my own - I love it when it’s simpler) and it’s Rich who’s simpler unlike other invest blogs)) Success and prosperity) The main thing is less troubles and it will be easier for a newcomer to figure it out) with You - it is easier to learn to conquer the investment space)
    1. richmonkey_support
      05.11.2019 19:03
      Thank you for your nice words!
  5. papaik
    30.10.2019 16:56
    CONGRATULATIONS! You are best! You feel reliable and stable with you. SUCCESSES and I am sure there will be more 2 000 000!
    1. richmonkey_support
      31.10.2019 00:06
      Thank you!
  6. elimbony
    30.10.2019 11:02
    Congratulations! I was fortunate enough to stumble upon you in due time. I knew a little about hype, when I invested alone in webtransfer, but at that time it seemed to me that there was nothing else around, I thought it would work forever, invested a lot, already in my dreams I wrote down how it will be in the future, what sums it will bring ))) Then, before the vacation, I wanted to take it off, and then suddenly a scam! and I lost a lot, then I went to mmgp for another year and a half, I read, there are people there too with not dying hope, suddenly all the same everything will be restored and paid)) well, it was some kind of long-playing hype, and the scam turned out to be long-playing. But then he did not become very discouraged, he decided that it was an experience, well, he tried to put it off slowly, so that afterwards he would nevertheless break into investments and pseudo-investments (hypes) wisely.
    And when the time came, I came across you, and somehow stayed with you, I didn’t even look for others, it’s convenient with you. Before that, I didn’t know at all that someone would compensate me for losses during the scam, and I learned about the refback from you) So far I only invest in HYIPs, and I still study, but it’s a direct outlet for some kind of main job) Thank you for that What are you doing and how do you support your partners!
    1. richmonkey_support
      31.10.2019 00:08
      Thanks you! It's nice to read such comments from our partners. It’s very good that you didn’t stop there.
  7. fenix55
    30.10.2019 05:34
    Congratulations . Great result. I think we’ll cross together in a million more blush
    1. richmonkey_support
      31.10.2019 00:04
      Thank you!
  8. Nik888
    30.10.2019 00:29
    Great result in such a short time.
    Congratulations to the entire blog team and the investors who were with the blog.
    1. richmonkey_support
      31.10.2019 00:03
      Thank you!
  9. ostapok
    30.10.2019 00:13
    Very handy blog. Thanks for the work. Good luck !!!
    1. richmonkey_support
      31.10.2019 00:03
      Thank you!
  10. IgorKucheruk
    29.10.2019 23:58
    Thank you for your work and congratulations on the 1 000 000 $ investment. Keep it up. Further development of the U5634188 blog
    1. richmonkey_support
      31.10.2019 00:02
      Thank you!