- Prank among investors.

Draw 1500 $ from the project Bitstate

Date of the drawing: 30.04.2018 - 09.05.2018 before 18: 00 in Moscow time

Winners Announcement Date: 09.05.2018 to 19: 00 in Moscow

Terms of participation in the drawing:

1. Investors taking part in the raffle from 0,006 BTC (approximately 55 $ dollars) and above.

2. Deposit must be open in between from 30.04.2018 to 09.05.2018 to 18: 00 MSK

3. Open deposits to 30.04.2018 in the draw do not participate!

4. You must be subscribed to our Telegram channel:


1 place: 1000 USD

2 place: 300 USD

3 place: 100 USD

4 place: 40 USD

5-10 locations: six prizes for 10 US dollars

BONUS PRIZE: who will lead the most referrals with deposits, will receive the status of the TOP-Partner of our project and a permanent referral bonus of the first level 15%.

We will be grateful to those who will not regret a couple of minutes and share this news in social networks with friends and partners! Thank you!

To participate in the competition fill out the form on this link:

  • Winners will be selected randomly on video through the site. according to the list of logins of participants of the draw.
  • Results We will announce on our channel and one of the well-known bloggers and speakers will conduct a rally on 09.05.2018 video (Wednesday) in 19: 00 MSK on our channel in Telegram
  • Drawings will be held every 10 days, three times a month.
  • The purpose of the draws: increase interest in the project, increase awareness of the project, expand the audience of the project.
  • Funds for the raffles will be allocated from the personal funds of the administration. From the turnover will not be taken a penny.
  • Multiaccounts to collect referrals will be banned mercilessly. Do not risk your own means.
  • Stupid questions about scam and so on will be ignored - practical jokes are the best way to reach a large audience - and this is exactly what we need for the project to enter a wide market, so that as many people as possible learn about the project. The more participants in the project, the more the project is protected from any fluctuations and drawdowns.

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