- Project rebranding and starter insurance 300 $. - Project rebranding and starter insurance 300 $.

Due to the activity of our team, the project has appeared unlimited starting insurance on $300. Investing has become safer!

We remind you! Rebranding will occur from October 31 to November 1 from 23: 00 to 00: 00 Moscow time.

What will go into rebranding ?!

1.) Decrease in the income of the% rate per month from 30-45% to 10-27% per month.
2.) Change the headings of our site.
3.) Adding a playing field (Minesweeper, lottery, kamikaze, stone paper scissors).
4.) Increase in equipment prices (for the long work of our project, and so that everyone can earn as much as possible and longer)
All who made a deposit before November 1 will still receive income without additional deposits.
5.) Adding new monitoring.
6.) Insurance will be added in the amount of 300 $ for monitoring


Dear project participants, we are in a hurry to inform and warn you that who has loans, you need to urgently repay them before November 1, otherwise in the future, you will no longer receive payments, and you will need to pay off not only the loan, but also the full cost of equipment. Subsequent loans taken after rebranding will be in normal mode, repay, be able to withdraw your funds.

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