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Genesis trade

Project characteristics

Address: Title: pays
Start Date: 19.09.2019 Added to blog: 22.10.2019
Works: Monitor:
Yield: from 12% per week Our contribution: 100$
Ref. program: 10% Insurance: not provided
Min contribution: 1$ Deposit Bonus: 5%
Min conclusion: 1$ Protection: Ddos + Ssl
payment type: instant Payments: tooltiptooltiptooltiptooltip
Our informer

About the project

The Genesis Trade Fund team has been operating efficiently in emerging markets since 2001. We created the GenesisAI trading robot, which builds its forecasts based on artificial intelligence. Genesis Trading Fund invites everyone, without exception, to join the work of our GenesisAI robot. We offer weekly investment deposits. Your principal and interest will be returned after the selected period of time - minimum 1 week, maximum 8 weeks. Welcome to the team of like-minded professionals!

We took an interesting project to test, which has already proved its solvency. The project was reflected in the rubric of projects off blog from 24.09.19 year. Investors are offered a choice of 8 options, from 1 to 8 weeks, for how long you choose yourself. It is more profitable to create a deposit for a period of 1 week, with a bonus from the blog you can earn 17 7% of the days. There is no insurance fund, we play with adequate amounts and adhere to the rules of diversification, do not deposit the entire amount, distribute it according to projects and leave it on a new one, which may be about to appear. Successful and profitable investment!

Project marketing

  • Percentage yield: from 112% for the term
  • Accrual of interest: at the end of the term
  • Term of the deposit: from 1 of the week
  • Deposit Amount: from $ 1
  • Return of deposit: at the end of the term
  • Overall yield: from 112%
  • Net profit: from 12% + 5% our bonus = from 17%

You can order refbek for a project with a domain name at the rate of 5% from your contribution and, thereby, increasing your income. To order a refback, go to the page: order refback by HYIP and fill out the form.

Risk reminder

Investing is always risky. It is very important to always remember and understand this. The above company is no exception, so it will not be out of place to remind you of the main investment rules:

  • Diversify your cash. Simply put, do not invest the entire amount in one project.
  • The higher the percentage of return, the greater the risk. Do not forget to withdraw funds from the project immediately after accrual.
  • Before investing, check the status of the project.
  • Do not invest borrowed money.
  • Get ready to lose money and participate in free money.
Our profit schedule
Our contribution


300 $ / %

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  1. vadim74
    24.02.2020 15:13
    Made a deposit of $ 10 for 7 days
  2. benom777
    24.02.2020 02:38
    Made a contribution
  3. Foxxx
    23.02.2020 13:50
    The payout of $ 33,60 came after 9 hours. New Dep 34 $.

    Thanks for the reflex 1,68 $
  4. papaik
    22.02.2020 07:56
    Made a small deposit Payment date: 22.02.2020/07/43 47:3:XNUMX (UTC + XNUMX)
    Payee: Genesis Trade Fund / [file a complaint]
    Item: Deposit to
    Accounts Payable: 1002100
    Account in Payeer: 111053631
    Payment system: Payeer
    Payment amount: 2.02 USD
  5. richmonkey
    20.02.2020 22:19
    Received payment

  6. Foxxx
    15.02.2020 14:06
    The amount of 16.8 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U22458057-> U22149315. Memo: API Payment. withdrawal request, .. Date: 07:56 15.02.20/302924667/XNUMX. Batch: XNUMX
    Payment instant through 7d!

    New Dep 30 $

    + 1.48 USD
    Date: 15.02.2020 13: 41: 56
    ID: 946969809
    Details: P1021078116 → P1012697961
    Amount: 1.48 USD
    Comment: Refback from
    Thank you for refbek!
  7. 1xoxol1
    14.02.2020 23:32
    Invested, let's see
    Transaction Date: February 14 2020 23: 28
    Operation ID: 946616281
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    The amount of write-offs: $ 15.15
    obtaining Amount: $ 15.15
    Account Description: Deposit to
    account number at the store: 1001800
  8. richmonkey
    13.02.2020 21:52
    Received payment

  9. gorbachef
    12.02.2020 20:23
    Threw the dep.
  10. banketsv
    12.02.2020 16:38
    threw a little. Let's try to play
    Date Operation Method Source Source Destination Amount Final amount Status
    12.02.2020, 16:31:02 Deposit PM U14528918 Investment 14.5 14.5 Success