- Win tournaments - Earn cool bonuses.

We bring to your attention TOURNAMENTS - competitions between companies. In each tournament 10 teams compete. A team can include no more than 10 company employees. The application for participation in the tournament is submitted by the owner of the company.

The game has 3 "weight categories" tournaments. Masters - for 3 level companies. Professionals - for companies of 4 level. Business class - for companies of 5 level and above.

Only those players who acquire special tournament machines - Speed ​​Mercedes, Speed ​​Focus or Speed ​​Logan can participate in the tournament. Get a tournament car to your liking:

Members can use any abilities and goods from the store. At each stage of the tournament, the team that completes orders for a large amount wins. Tournament points can be used to cancel taxes in the company or to pay off the damage done by the evil Max.

Try your hand at tournaments:

Good luck in the game!

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  1. Abitorik
    15.10.2019 20:52
    there you have to poke and collect orders to earn money, for me this is not a very project!
  2. ilyu134
    14.10.2019 18:30
    Still in this project?
    1. richmonkey_support
      15.10.2019 18:32
      Yes, of course
  3. 4difeer666
    07.10.2019 14:56
    Thanks for the news! It seems like he was dying, but apparently he coped with the problems
  4. matrix2000
    07.10.2019 14:31
    the project lives and it's cool)))