PRIZM and Prizm Space Bot cryptocurrency review for earning PZM

It is far from a secret that the cryptocurrency community is developing rapidly and many are trying to get into the “hype train” and earn more money. Some may not like the following expression, but many are trying to find a replacement for the well-known Bitcoin. Each year, new tokens and coins are created that differ from the “father” of cryptocurrencies. In this article, I would like to touch upon the recently acclaimed PRIZM cryptocurrency, which has its own ecosystem and bot called Prizm Space Bot to earn this coin.

About cryptocurrency PRIZM

On the official cryptocurrency website not as much information as I would like to see, but the main points are spelled out. Let's get it right.

PRIZM is a fully decentralized and self-regulating cryptocurrency based on PoS (Proof-of-Stake) cryptotechnology and its own development called “paramining”, which allows any user to quickly and reliably make money transfers directly, like transferring cash from hand to hand.


1 Blockchain generation takes 1 a minute and depends on the number of transactions.

2 Low commission for operations. The transaction fee is 0.5%.

3 Open source.

4 The use of cryptotechnology PoS.

5 The use of "paramining" and "forging."

As already mentioned in the features, the PRIZM cryptocurrency is open source on GitHub with a limited issue of 6 billions of coins.

The key advantage of PRIZM is the unique technology of “paramining”, which is absent in the concept and code of other cryptocurrencies. Blocks are generated every 60 seconds - by accounts that are not blocked on network nodes. PRIZM coins are redistributed by including transaction fees, which are credited to the account when it successfully creates a block. This process is known as forging and is similar to the concept of mining, which is used by other cryptocurrencies. Transactions are considered safe after 10 block confirmations, and the current PRIZM architecture and block size allow processing up to 367 200 transactions per day. PRIZM includes the implementation of the “Transparent Forging” function, which allows you to increase transaction processing performance by two orders of magnitude using the deterministic block generation algorithm, in combination with additional network security mechanisms.

Paramining. Earnings on cryptocurrency PRIZM

Paramining is an exact technology that works due to the balance balance in your wallet. The technology credits coins without your intervention (for example, without the presence of a mining farm) for the fact that you store them on the wallet balance depending on the number of coins. The daily yield depends not only on the number of coins that are on your balance sheet, but also on the balance of your structure.

Daily coin growth
Wallet balance
Multiplier per structure rotation
Multiplier per structure rotation
1 - 99 PZM
1 000 - 9 999 PZM
100 - 999 PZM
10 000 - 99 999 PZM
1 000 - 9 999 PZM
100 000 - 999 999 PZM
10 000 - 99 999 PZM
100 0000 - 9 999 999 PZM

The affiliate program has 88 levels in depth. In order to find or fix a partner in your structure, you need to send any number of PZM coins to his wallet.

Important: the ability to change the upline is missing.

Wallet Instructions

1 Go to the official PRIZM website to create a wallet: Then go to the “Registration” tab.

2 We generate a private key. To do this, you need to enter 16 of any characters. Be sure to save the password, as access without this key will be impossible.

A PRIZM wallet is created in just two clicks. The main thing is to keep the private key for further interaction.

Brief designations in the wallet:

1 The main balance of the account.

2 The balance of paramining.

3 Wallet number.

About Prizm Space Bot

Prizm Space Bot is a telegram bot using Prizm technology to receive fixed earnings from 0.7% to 0.9% daily, depending on the number of paramining coins.

As already mentioned, the investment offer allows you to earn 0.7% daily if you have from 100 to 999 PZM on your balance, 0.8% daily if you have from 1 000 to 9 999 PZM and 0.9% daily if you on balance from 10 000 PZM. You can withdraw the deposit body at any time after 24 hours after replenishment. The investment term is unlimited.

The affiliate program in Prizm Space Bot is nine-level and it amounts to 6% - 2% - 2% - 1% - 1% - 0.5% - 0.5% - 1% - 1% of the deposits of your partners. To participate in the affiliate program, you must have 100 PZM on the balance sheet.

Conclusion from 90 PZM in manual mode, time limit up to 24 hours.

Important point: When creating a deposit, 15% interest is charged, which is allocated to the costs of the referral program. Also, a commission is charged when ordering a payment. The commission is 0.5%.

Prizm Space Bot instructions

1 Follow the link to register with Prizm Space Bot: Sign up. Click on the “Start” button.

2 First of all, you need to buy PRIZM. If you have already done this, you can skip this item. Click on the "Wallet" button, then "Buy / Sell PRIZM".

3 You will go to the P2P exchange bit.teamwhere you can buy a coin. To do this, you need to select the PZM cryptocurrency, select the best rate and click on the Buy button.

4 After buying a coin, return to Prizm Space Bot, click on the "Deposit" button and transfer the coins to the specified address.

5 Next, click on the "Deposit for paramining" button, enter the number of coins. Please note that when making the amount, 15% of the deposit is debited (from 1000 PZM there will be 850 PZM in the account).

Additional PRIZM Services

We have collected for you several services that may be useful for further work with PRIZM:

1 Reprizm - a service for automatic reinvestment of funds for accepting paramining charges and an increase in the percentage of profitability.

2 Prizmex - A service for buying PRIZM coins using a variety of electronic payment systems and bank cards.

3 Prizm Bank - A site with detailed information on the balance and structure of PRIZM wallets.


PRIZM cryptocurrency with its own ecosystem and unique technology of “paramining” is an extraordinary way to make money on the Internet, given our type of activity. You do not need to keep a mining farm, participate in cloud pools or keep your PC turned on around the clock in order to earn money. Created telegram bot called Prizm Space Bot fully copes with all these tasks.

The PRIZM cryptocurrency, which is originally open source and has a technical justification, is very similar to hype. That is why we display an article about PRIZM and Prizm Space Bot on our monitoring blog. Despite the fact that the coin has been available for more than two years, you should not write off the risks from the accounts.

As for the Prizm Space Bot, this is a great tool for automatically multiplying PZM based on a telegram bot. The profitability of the bot is from 21% to 27% per month, depending on the amount paid for PRIZM paramining. Funds deposited can be withdrawn after 24 hours after defrosting. When investing, a referral commission of 15% of the deposit is charged.

Please note that to participate in the affiliate program you must have at least 100 PZM.

For the hype industry, this is not a very simple and standard method of earning, but there is a place to be. Those who are not too lazy to study the information at least in our article will be able to figure it out.

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We wish you all a profit and successful investment!

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  1. Robin2020
    02.10.2020 07:49
    Thank you for the article!
  2. mirov84
    09.09.2020 13:08
    In general, the cryptocurrency of prisms in the Russian Federation is allowed or is also banned under the ban like bitcoin!
  3. mirov84
    18.06.2020 13:20
    Hello everyone, meanwhile, the prism is already trading 1 PZM for $ 0,02029 +0,00030 + 1,47%
    A coin will become stronger when all funds are in one personal wallet, and not in pools
  4. mirov84
    14.06.2020 21:12
    Hello everyone, but in the meantime, the cryptocurrency of prisms seems to have gotten the upper hand +
    $ 0,02105 +0,00132 + 6,29%

    Well, time is running out for those who are waiting for a better course in cryptocurrency prisms. Now there will be a point from which it will be clear whether everything will go up or down.
  5. NikitaPuchkin2000
    13.05.2020 11:25
    Thank you for the article! But now I think that the prism probably already lives last year))
  6. mirov84
    08.04.2020 15:21
    Yes, I heard about this cryptocurrency but whether it will be so in demand as bitcoin is the catch!
    1. Lorik351
      12.04.2020 21:52
      I believe that the prisms are already running out
  7. Operza
    15.03.2020 17:00
    I want to add that the cryptocurrency of prisms is not a decentralized network. There are main nodes to which all the others are connected. And paramining is translated by a simple self-written script here -
  8. chainlaz
    13.11.2019 15:57
    The source code of prizm is not open, so the creators have appropriated all possible coins and having deceived everyone, they are distributing under the guise of paramining. Roughly speaking, after each transaction, the script credits the coin users with the genesis of the wallet according to certain rules here -
  9. matrix2000
    15.10.2019 15:16
    The main thing is that the course does not collapse)
    1. 4difeer666
      16.10.2019 00:19
      This is inevitable, the main thing is to catch the moment when everything is sold and forget about this coin
  10. Baikovmc
    20.09.2019 13:42
    and I went to 60 000 rub.
    What bribed me the project:
    + this is 24% of the monthly income from the deposit
    + the ability to pull out a deposit for 2-3 days.
    + unfinished project
    Risks in my opinion
    - the exchange rate, which may as well sink and start
    - developers will throw all and remove the bot

    But I decided to look out of this all come out cho)

    that's what happened
    1. mirov84
      08.04.2020 15:23
      Hi, what course did you purchase and how right now with your depot did you make a profit!
    2. mirov84
      12.04.2020 18:47
      Hello. Question to the cryptocurrency investor. Have you made a profit? otherwise I’m also going to make a Prizm