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  1. CharlesMow
    25.05.2018 14:12
    I consider, that you are mistaken. Let's discuss this. Write me in PM.

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  2. stwebag
    03.05.2018 02:08
    This project has good makings. The promotion is in full swing. many "bearded guys" came in with good deposits. The project is promoted not only on monitors, but also in social networks, plus networkers are connected. Partner bonuses are offered for the advertising campaign of the project. In the beginning, all investors are simple partners. Then, when the structure in which you are makes a turnover of $ 10000, you will receive a bronze medal, and the remuneration from the partners of the first level of your structure immediately grows by 1% and you receive cash bonus at the rate of 200$which is automatically credited to your balance and becomes available for withdrawal. After turning to 20000 $, you are the holder of a silver medal and cash bonus at the rate of 500$ and so on until you become a VIP - partner !!! I think that there is something to compete for.
    Overall, the project is not bad. True, there is a small minus: the withdrawal fee is 1% of the withdrawal amount. This must be taken into account.
  3. albinanurm
    27.04.2018 10:56
    Thanks for the detailed review!
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