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A new verification format has been introduced, which all certification authorities (CAs) must comply with, while providing a single standard for issuing certificates. This means that all certificate authorities must adhere to the same high security standards when processing certificate requests. Therefore, if a site is protected by an EV SSL certificate, it can be trusted, the certification center confirms that the organization that owns the site has been verified and has passed a strict EV SSL authentication process, according to the requirements accepted at the CA / Browser Forum. Thanks to this standard, Internet users can trust the website data that they claim ...

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  1. matrix2000 2 September 2019 11: 41

    Good update
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  2. 4difeer666 1 September 2019 23: 16

    The good news, and the main thing is not empty, protection is very important in hyps, especially with haters
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  3. Marina 30 August 2019 22: 54

    Safety comes first!
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