- Subtotals + 97% of net profit!


The guerrilla project has been proving its solvency for the 4 month. 125 days have passed since the moment of posting on the blog and have already managed to go through several circles. Depending on the chosen plan, earned 64% to 97% net profit, subject to our bonus. There are hints of a good job! Sometimes such projects work for several months, or even a year, and already give a good profit during partisanism, but not always after rebranding and a change in marketing, projects show the same successful work, only time and a development strategy will show.

The project has a bonus from the deposit. 1%

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  1. matrix2000
    28.08.2019 13:45
    cool result
  2. fenix55
    26.08.2019 02:49
    the project is still pleasing. I'll go to the second round soon relaxed
  3. Marina
    25.08.2019 23:39
    Great result!