HYIPs with Lifetime Earnings. How to Make Profits?

HYIPs with Lifetime Earnings. How to Make Profits?
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Among the many types of HYIPs, there are those with indefinite investment terms or HYIPs with lifetime earnings. What are these projects? How long do they operate? How can you make profits from them? You will find answers to all these questions in this article.

What is a HYIP with Lifetime Earnings?

Lifetime earnings in HYIPs mean that you will receive earnings until the project is closed and nothing else. Newcomers should not have the illusion that they will be paid for the rest of their lives.

Marketing examples:

  • 3% daily for an indefinite period;
  • 3.58% daily for an indefinite period [Possibility of withdrawing the deposit with a -5% penalty].

In the first example, the withdrawal of the deposit principal is not allowed. The deposit is included in the earnings, and only after breaking even will you start to receive net profit. You can use a compounding strategy to reinvest your deposit principal after reaching the break-even point.

In the second example, withdrawal of the deposit principal is allowed with a penalty. The penalty amount is determined by the administrators. This is a feature of «piggy bank» projects. We will write an article about it later. The main advantage is that you can withdraw your deposit at any time.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like all types of HYIPs, projects with indefinite earnings have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.


1. Reinvestment of funds is not mandatory.

2. In some cases, there is an option to withdraw the deposit principal with a penalty of -5-10%.


1. Heavy marketing requiring a constant influx of funds. Problems may arise after the break-even point for the initial investors.


So, how do you actually profit from such projects? The primary rule is to enter at the right point, meaning the earlier you invest in a project with such a marketing strategy, the better. Depending on the daily profit percentage, the recommendations for the maximum duration to enter projects with indefinite earnings may vary.

Here are some recommendations we advise you to follow when investing in projects with lifelong earnings.


  • 1-2% daily – for the first 100 days of the project's life;
  • 3-4% daily – for the first 40 days of the project's life;
  • 5% daily – for the first 10 days of the project's life;
  • 6-7% daily – for the first 5 days of the project's life;
  • 8-9% daily – for the first 4 days of the project's life;
  • 10-12% daily – for the first 3 days of the project's life.

P.S. Entering a project with indefinite earnings at the right point is not a 100% guarantee of making a profit. However, by following the above recommendations, you significantly reduce the risks of losing your funds.


HYIPs with lifelong earnings have a place in the modern HYIP industry. Projects with such marketing strategies occasionally emerge, and many individuals are unsure of the right timing for their entry. We hope that we've adequately and conveniently explained the situation concerning choosing the right entry point for HYIPs with indefinite earnings. By following our recommendations, you can significantly reduce the risks of losing your funds in vain.

Summer began with the trend of indefinite earning projects, but it didn't last long. It's clear that it depends on the administrators' skills. We hope that they will gain experience and create projects where earnings will be possible for both them and investors.

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