HYIPs with lifetime accruals. How to make money in them?

Among the many types of HYIPs, there are HYIPs with an indefinite term of investment or HYIPs with lifetime accruals. What are these projects? How much do they work? How to make money in them? You can find the answer to all these questions in this article.

What is a life-saving hype?

Lifetime accruals in HYIPs mean that you will receive accruals until the project closes and nothing else. Beginners should not be under the illusion that they will pay you for the rest of your life.

Marketing Examples:

  • 3% daily for an unlimited period;
  • 3.58% daily for an unlimited period [Possibility to withdraw a deposit body with a penalty of -5%].

In the first example, the withdrawal of the deposit body is not provided. The deposit is included in the accruals and only after going to breakeven you will begin to receive a net profit. By the way, you can use the strategy of accelerating the deposit and, after going to breakeven, reinvest the body of your deposit.

In the second example, the withdrawal of the deposit body is provided with a fine. The penalty depends on the percentage indicated by administrators. This is the marketing of a piggy bank project. We will write an article about him later. The main advantage is that you can withdraw your deposit at any time.

Advantages and disadvantages

As with all types of HYIPs, projects with perpetual accruals have a number of advantages and disadvantages.


1. Cash reinvestment is optional.

2. In some cases, it is possible to withdraw the deposit body with a penalty of -5-10%.


1. Heavy marketing in which a constant cash flow is required. Problems will begin after the first investors enter the breakeven.


So how do you make money on such projects? The main rule is the correct entry point. In the sense that the sooner you enter a project with similar marketing, the better. Depending on the percentage of daily profitability, recommendations on the maximum period when you can enter the project with perpetual accruals vary.

We’ll leave a number of recommendations that we advise you to follow when investing in projects with lifetime accruals.


  • 1-2% daily - the first 100 days of the project’s life;
  • 3-4% daily - the first 40 days of the project’s life;
  • 5% daily - the first 10 days of the project life;
  • 6-7% daily - the first 5 days of the project’s life;
  • 8-9% daily - the first 4 days of the project’s life;
  • 10-12% daily - the first 3 days of the project’s life.

PS The correct entry point to the project with perpetual accruals is not the 100% guarantee of obtaining net profit. If you follow the above recommendations, you will significantly reduce the risk of losing money.


Lifetime accrued HYIPs have a place to be in the modern HYIP industry. Projects with similar marketing appear periodically and many do not know when it is too late to enter them. We hope that we have clearly and conveniently reflected for you how things are going with the right choice of a point of entry into HYIPs with indefinite accruals. Following our recommendations you will significantly reduce the risk of losing money from scratch.

Summer began with a perpetual trend, but it did not last long. Obviously, the point is the skills of administrators. We hope that they will gain experience and will release projects in which not only they will earn, but investors as well.

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