Place #1 - 728x90
Place #1 - 728x90 - New interface and personal account design.

24.04.2018 585 0

Dear participants of the project!

We have already passed two circles of investment! The investors who entered at the very beginning, 45 days ago, earned more 200% of net profit. Thanks to those who sail with us in the same boat!

I would like to please you with interesting news: The main news is that we have completely redesigned the interface and design of the user's personal account. Now everything has become more intuitive, convenient and beautiful.

Hope you enjoy!

Recall in our project 4 investment plans are valid with yields from 3% to 6% per day for a period from 20 to 24 days. The deposit is returned at the end of the term. Net profit depending on the plan is from 63% to 144%.

From today for partners of our blog is valid INCREASED bonus at the rate of 10% on all contributions and insurance fund $ 200. Fine!

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