- Guys on Mad Max, Good Max is chasing after yours. - Guys on Mad Max, Good Max is chasing after yours.

Great news! Now you can take revenge on all the villains who robbed you and damaged your taxi on Mad Max. Good Max has appeared in Taxi-Money.

This taxi, like Mad Max, is able to see all the orders that players are currently executing. And it can also rob the current order, empty all user accounts and drain their energy. But beyond that, Good Max sees the tricks of the bad guys at Mad Max. And he can apply all the same abilities to them. And this hidden taxi (it is not visible in your garage) does not require parking.

So the balance of good and evil in Taxi-Money is restored. You can buy Good Max on the page "Buy a taxi": Hurry to take possession of such a unique car, while it is available for sale. And choose which side you are on.

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