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Review and reviews of the project Sola Lowe LTD

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The project stopped payments (scam 03.05.2018). Current fund amount - -

About the project Sola Lowe LTD

Welcome, dear partners! Investment Project Monitoring prepared for you a fresh review of the project Sola Lowe LTDwhich launched 6 on April 2018 of the year. We will also leave our subjective opinion regarding the project.

Sola Lowe LTD - a project of average profitability, which offers to earn their investors with the help of an experienced trader, which, in fact, the site itself is dedicated. Sola Low is a girl trader who will earn you a fixed percentage of 3.8% profits every day using cryptocurrency trading.

Description on the site

Google translation:
Hi, I'm Saul Lowe!
I can help you get a steady income online. I began to study cryptocurrencies and the features of their use since 2013. Through 3, I could already trade cryptocurrencies on a professional level, and I am confident that my knowledge and skills will also help other people to gain financial freedom and improve their own well-being, using my knowledge in crypto-trading.

For many years I have been working a lot to improve and optimize my own trading strategies, and now I can confidently guarantee only the positive results of investing in my company. My experience and knowledge in the field of trade, which was obtained as a result of many years of effective work on trading markets, will be the basis for long-term and profitable cooperation of investors, guaranteeing all investors risk-free investment.

You can order refback in size 3.5% from your contribution. To order a refback, go to the page: order refback by HYIP and fill out the form.

Briefly about the main characteristics

We provide you with a brief description of the project. Sola Lowe LTD, which you can see on our monitoring: Link.

  • Start of the project - 06.04.2018;
  • Type of project - average interest;
  • The minimum deposit is from 20 $;
  • Minimum withdrawal is 0.50 $;
  • Income - fixed, 3.8% per day;
  • Deposit term - 40 days;
  • Payments - manual with the rules up to 24 hours;
  • I / O commission - 0%;
  • Language versions of the site - English;
  • Payment systems - Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin;
  • Partner program - three-level 7% - 2% - 1%.

Marketing project Sola Lowe LTD

Sola Lowe LTD offers us to work with the project a single average rate plan.

The tariff plan, which is the “portfolio” of cryptocurrency trader Sola Low, offers us to earn 3.8% daily for 40 days from your deposit. Such a proposal is a trend, as now in HYIP projects interest has increasingly been paid with a deposit that is included in the payments.

  • Percentage yield: 3.8% per day;
  • Accrual of interest: calendar days;
  • Term of the deposit: 40 days;
  • Deposit Amount: 20 $ to 100 000 $;
  • Return of deposit: included in payments;
  • Overall yield: 152%;
  • Net profit: 52%;

Registration in the project Sola Lowe LTD

To start investing in a project Sola Lowe LTD first you need to register. On the main page of the site in the upper right corner go to the tab «Register».

Next, you need to fill out a small registration form. Specify the name, login, email, strong password that must be repeated.

Make sure that in the line “Your upline is” our login is After that, put a tick on the agreement and click on the button "Create Account".

Deposit and deposit creation in Sola Lowe LTD

In order to create a deposit in the project Sola Lowe LTD you need to go to your personal account. First of all, make sure that you fill out payment details. Click on the tab with the image of a wrench called "Settings".

Fill them out and click on the “Save Changes” button.

After that, go to your personal account and click on the “Make deposit” button to create a deposit.

After that, enter the amount of the deposit and select the payment system with which you will make a deposit. Confirm the action by clicking on the “Continue” button.

The project works with such payment systems:

Advanced Cash

Our contribution: 1 000 $

Cashout at Sola Lowe LTD

In order to withdraw funds from the project Sola Lowe LTD you need to go to your account on the tab "Withdraw".

After that, you must enter the amount of withdrawal, select the payment system and confirm the action by clicking on the "Continue" button.


Partner program in the project Sola Lowe LTD can be divided into two types - standard and representative.

Standard Affiliate Program

  • 1 level 7%
  • 2 level 2%
  • 3 level 1%

Representative Affiliate Program

  • 1 level 10%
  • 2 level 3%
  • 3 level 1%

The status of a regional representative can be obtained by a user who has attracted 8000 $ to his structure or who has made a deposit of 1000 $.

Opinion about the project Sola Lowe LTD

Despite such a wonderful girl with whom the legend of the project is connected Sola Lowe LTD This project is pure hyip. Above the design of the site is noticeable that they tried. In addition to the design it is worth noting a strong technical part. The site is intuitive for any user, which is a huge plus because the site is currently available only in English.

The unique content on the site, along with a unique personal account, was greatly pleased, but the content itself was not enough.
Sola Lowe LTD It offers to earn on one tariff plan with a good percentage of 3.8% daily. The deposit is included in the payment, thanks to this you will go to breakeven much faster.

What do we have in the project?

One tariff plan with a deposit included in payments; website interface is available only in English; three-level affiliate program 7% from partners' deposit, as well as the opportunity to improve it to 10% by becoming a representative Sola Lowe LTD; There are running payment systems and several cryptocurrencies.

Can be identified as positive moments.

Positive points:

  • Nice design;
  • An interesting legend;
  • There is an opportunity to improve the affiliate program;
  • Unique personal account;
  • Unique content;
  • Running payment systems and several cryptocurrencies are connected.

Negative points:

  • Lack of Russian language.

This is our review of the project. Sola Lowe LTD came to an end. If you are interested in the project, then click on the "Register" button and order a refback from us in the amount of 3.5% of your deposit.

Invest successfully and profitably with We wish you all a profit.

The project stopped payments (scam 03.05.2018). Current fund amount - -

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