- Parking and bonus orders.

In the cities of Taxi-Money appeared parking. If you have no more than three cars of 4 level and above, this innovation will not affect you in any way - the city provides 3 free parking spaces. Otherwise, you need to pay parking for each 4 + car that will operate in the city. Parking paid by crystals.

Great news! Crystals are no longer required to buy. Bonus orders appeared in cities, completing which you earn crystals! In addition to parking, new businesses and skills are being sold for crystals, as well as being renovated at home.

Parking is a necessary measure to maintain the balance of the game in a healthy state. Sometimes we have to make unpopular decisions, but it is thanks to them that we continue to please you with work for more than 5 years! Hope for understanding.

We remind you that the PROTECTIVE set against Mad Max attack is now available in the store. And also that before August 25 when replenishing from 14 500 you will get a top-level taxi of 5 level Tesla X as a bonus.

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  1. Marina
    12.08.2019 13:09
    The project is magnificent, such a period of work already.
  2. 4difeer666
    08.08.2019 14:39
    Again, the news for the long life of the project, apparently not going to leave)
  3. matrix2000
    08.08.2019 02:41
    As I understand it, the good news