How to bypass the telegram lock

Welcome, dear partners! On the agenda is news about blocking the messenger Pavel Durov Telegramwhich gained incredible popularity in recent years and is now widely known because of the conflict with Roskomnadzor. Does one of the best means for exchanging messages, information and just an application that has numerous other useful functions leave us? Our answer is no. Investment Project Monitoring prepared for you an article on how to bypass the Roskomnadzor’s blocking using Telegram facilities and VPN.

Conflict with Roskomnadzor

Telegramfor you and me - a convenient means for communication, information transfer, but officials believe that Telegram - a dangerous tool used by terrorist groups, drug dealers, arms dealers and other personalities that can harm people, cities, the country as a whole. Obviously the protocols Telegram allow you to exchange encrypted messages, thereby attracting people who "have something to hide."

According to the officials, there are a number of facts that indicate that Telegram was used to organize some terrorist attacks in Russia. Roskomnadzor demanded that Pavel Durov provide message decryption keys with which the FSB could identify terrorists and prevent their actions. Based on this, the FSB would have access to messages from ordinary users who have the right to free space on the Internet.

Pavel Durov refused to give the decryption keys because there are none. In order to provide decryption keys, one would have to rewrite the architecture of the messenger, which Durov did not do.

Blocking bypass

Closer to the point, 16 April 2018, the Roskomnadzor blocks the messenger Telegram on the territory of the Russian Federation. Naturally, we will continue our activities in Telegram because there are ways to bypass the lock We really want you to receive timely, relevant information about HYIP projects and read us without problems. So now we will talk about how to bypass the lock.

Embedded Telegram

Telegram was ready to block. The messenger is equipped with its own proxy, which can help you bypass the lock.

For desktop versions

"Settings" -> "Advanced Settings" -> "Connection type" change to "TCP with custom socks5-proxy" (TCP with custom socks5-proxy). A list of proxy servers is available below in the article. Then click "Save" and successfully use Telegram.

For mobile phones

Let us show you an example based on iOS (for Android, the actions are absolutely identical).

Go to "Settings" -> "Data and Storage".

Go to "Use proxy".


Select "SOCKS5" -> Enter the address and port of the server. A list of proxy servers is available below in the article.

Proxy server

Free: Telegram Socks5 Proxies,

How to set up a proxy?

Go over for example Telegram Socks5 Proxies -> Select a proxy server -> Click on the "Click To Set" button.

Click on the button "Enable". Is done.

Using VPN

Why do you need this VPN at all? VPN (English Virtual Private Network) is a technology that provides an encrypted connection over your Internet connection.

Thanks to VPN, you can protect yourself from intercepting usernames / passwords in unprotected public places with a Wi-Fi dot, your browsing history in the browser will not be available to anyone, blocking websites will become just a bad dream for you.

VPN allows you to get the IP address of another country by replacing it, for example, with Polish, German or any other country that is available in your VPN service.

VPNs are both paid and free. We will give you several sites / applications that can be attributed to one or another category.

Free: Hello, HideMeFreeOpenVPNCyberGhost.

Paid (or partially paid): ExpressVPN (30 days is free), tunnel Bear (Available 500 MB traffic is free в month)Hot Spot ShieldZenmateNordVPN, IPVanish VPNStrongVPNProtonVPN, CyberGhost, HideMyName.


We have dismantled the most effective ways to get through the lock and now you can use your favorite instant messenger Telegram without any problems.

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    Thank you for the article. I hope it comes in handy
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    I have made it easier, I use the portable version of the Telegram program. And very successfully.
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    Telegram became for me the most favorite messenger. In HYIPs always keeps you updated with the latest news.
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    02.08.2018 14:30
    RosKomPozor almost blocked himself trying to take away freedom of speech from the people in the telegraph. And as can now be seen in practice, they only managed to do this in part and only in relation to less knowledgeable users. On 100 locks, there are always 1000 traversals. Plus for the article.
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    17.05.2018 19:54
    Very useful article, especially for those to whom telegrams are very important.
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    Thank you for the article. I now have almost no problems working. Sometimes I turn on proxy
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