- Pierre Barthello's first official video message. - Pierre Barthello's first official video message.

We bring to your attention the first official video message by Pierre Barthello, Director of Development for Lumex Limited. After watching the video, you will learn the preliminary development plans and key priorities of the company, a global vision of its prospects in the industry and in a competitive market.

We will not disclose all the details, see for yourself!

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Комментарии (5)

  1. 4difeer666 23 July 2019 17: 21

    It is developing well, but in one application it’s not to earn a lot of trust in yourself, you need to act further
    A complaint
    1. Marina 23 July 2019 22: 47

      There is a belief that the project will smoothly develop and this is just the beginning.
      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 24 July 2019 09: 34

        yeah, but our faith has little effect, unfortunately
        A complaint
  2. Marina 23 July 2019 08: 52

    Good design, quality made. The director’s video message is a plus for the project.
    A complaint
  3. matrix2000 22 July 2019 12: 12

    Interesting to see
    A complaint