Oilgenix.biz - The project has acquired branding on the blog.

We transfer funds from advertising to insurance fund and now he is up 600 $. Investing is even safer! Our blog offers a great opportunity to earn everyone! Since the placement, 7 days have passed, who came with us on STARTER PLAN have already returned 40%, on PREMIUM PLAN 54% of the deposit. The project continues to evolve, join the chat and support payments https://t.me/oilgenix_group

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  1. matrix2000
    27.07.2019 14:35
    It was lucky for us who got away, even though such a fund was not enough to compensate for the losses.
  2. fenix55
    20.07.2019 14:02
    fine, now wait for profit became calmer)
  3. Lavr
    19.07.2019 14:20
    I am always pleased with the popularity of the project (but moderate), so that everything develops gradually and purposefully ... I hope for a long work Oilgenix !! All profit and more!
  4. 4difeer666
    19.07.2019 13:56
    Great news, the project is quiet, slowly developing
  5. matrix2000
    19.07.2019 12:49
    This is really cool news))) because my contribution is playing there)
  6. Marina
    19.07.2019 12:42
    Yes, more than half of the deposit has been broken off from me, and insurance has appeared and there is no project anywhere else. This is good news.
    1. truck23
      19.07.2019 13:16
      The insurance was already 300 bucks, now it has become 600.
      1. Marina
        19.07.2019 22:41
        Oh, maybe. Although it does not matter, it became twice as much, but we are half way to profit))
        1. 4difeer666
          20.07.2019 01:02
          This is for sure, for some reason I didn’t believe it, I immediately showered, and even under a small insurance, it became scary ...
          1. matrix2000
            27.07.2019 14:34
            Not long he lived