- Added a new mini-game Tamagotchi. - Added a new mini-game Tamagotchi.

Dear users, today added the legendary, exciting mini game Tamagotchi!

Its essence is very simple. We buy baby fish, feed it, remove the cocoa and get a good cash reward for it.

Namely + 1% profit per day. Shelf life = 30 days, which is + 30% net of fry cost. You can sell your pet only after 30 days (it is impossible to sell early).

You need to feed at least 1 once in 12 hours and 1 once in 24 hours you need to clean the aquarium - these processes are free and you can do as many times a day.

If you do not feed or remove in the aquarium at the time indicated above, then the fish will fall ill, in order to cure it you need to pay 50 rubles (5000 silver from the balance for purchases). If your fish is sick and you do not cure it for the next 12 hours, then it dies, the money spent on fry go to the project reserve.

After the fish has matured, the project automatically buys it, the money goes to your balance for withdrawal. You can buy fry again.

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Комментарии (6)

  1. 4difeer666 19 July 2019 11: 19

    Very interesting toy, as well as the whole project, apparently the admin is a fan of everything related to fishing
    A complaint
    1. udimka 27 July 2019 02: 55

      I remember as a child I was also Tamagotchi)
      A complaint
  2. Marina 19 July 2019 08: 48

    Just an awesome project!
    A complaint
  3. matrix2000 17 July 2019 21: 56

    God, how does this project develop?)
    A complaint
    1. udimka 19 July 2019 00: 37

      Admin handsome. The best game of the year definitely. At the helm of talent.
      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 19 July 2019 11: 20

        I fully support, for a long time there were no such games
        A complaint