Tstoken.co - Roadmap.

Tstoken.co - Roadmap.

Update on our platform.

Road map.

Dear investors. We have developed a roadmap for our company and for entering the TST market.

This is not an easy way. But we have to work on it all together.

We have developed a unique development scheme for all our partners.

We took into account all the possibilities and tools for working not only for the investor, but also for the leader of MLM.

Get involved in the work and we will succeed.

Be on the TSToken team

This is the path to success and money.

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Комментарии (9)

  1. 4difeer666 16 July 2019 12: 32

    Great news, should give extra air to the project.
    A complaint
  2. Lavr 16 July 2019 10: 01

    This is for sure, without a roadmap anywhere)
    A complaint
  3. AlexFanat 16 July 2019 01: 16

    Another competent stage for the project.
    A complaint
  4. matrix2000 15 July 2019 23: 25

    I do not understand the essence but I like it))))
    A complaint
    1. fenix55 16 July 2019 07: 00

      the guys apparently want as many people as possible to invest in their project relieved
      A complaint
    2. Marina 16 July 2019 07: 24

      Iso, tokens, roadmap, everything corresponds to the legend.
      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 16 July 2019 12: 33

        Well, it's good that they match, and some even do not fall under the legend
        A complaint
  5. Marina 15 July 2019 22: 41

    Thank you for the development of the project!
    A complaint
    1. AlexFanat 16 July 2019 01: 17

      This is the way to success and money - it sounds like a motto!
      A complaint