- We present you a digital assistant - telegram bot. - We present you a digital assistant - telegram bot.

Dear investors!

Today we present you with a digital assistant - telegram bot @WorldServerBot.

This bot is endowed with all the necessary account management functions in the project and is available in two languages. In it, you will be able to invest funds, form a withdrawal request, enter data about your wallets, change your login and password to your personal account, as well as get information about active deposits, referrals and the company itself.

In addition, @WorldServerBot timely notify you of the charge and approved application for withdrawal of funds.

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  1. AlexFanat 12 July 2019 20: 15

    Good news for the project, I hope the admin knows a lot about work.
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  2. fenix55 12 July 2019 08: 18

    great news
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  3. matrix2000 11 July 2019 19: 38

    Yes, I agree conveniently
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  4. 4difeer666 11 July 2019 13: 31

    Oh, by the type of elterro decided to do, very convenient
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  5. Marina 11 July 2019 12: 30

    Thank you, they came up with interesting)
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