Weekly video report 10.06.19 - 16.06.19

The past week was not marked by major events, but the duration of the video report did not suffer from this. There are some significant updates about which we will tell you in our weekly video report.

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Well then. We will not be unfounded and invite you to read our video report!

Projects whose news was reviewed:

News of the week

11.06.2019 Tresor.capital - Getting bonuses with BountyTresor becomes easier!

11.06.2019 Whalesclub.io - Investing in yourself is the best investment. Earn 150%.

13.06.2019 Fun-fishermen.org - Added a new character "Shkrek".

14.06.2019 Fun-fishermen.org - New timeframes for dead fish.

16.06.2019 Fun-fishermen.org - Start of the updated bay.

Video report

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  1. Lavr
    18.06.2019 08:40
    Every time you are convinced of a good selection of HYIPs on monitoring, which is confirmed by this video report. Thanks for some of the subtleties on the projects.
  2. matrix2000
    17.06.2019 20:31
    thanks for the video report
  3. 4difeer666
    17.06.2019 18:40
    Thanks for the video report!
    1. matrix2000
      17.06.2019 20:32
      Ornu when Rich through 100 years, let's say the project Inviro has worked well, we can reinvest for our great-great-grandchildren))
      1. 4difeer666
        17.06.2019 20:36
        Yes, no, not the project, it seems to me, even to the boo will not bring
      2. silver_profit
        18.06.2019 13:03
        This is a profit plan with a plan for 100 years, not inviro
  4. Marina
    17.06.2019 18:19
    Good video report, thanks. The sponsor also works well, he has already given the circle, I later entered it, but soon there will be a circle too.
  5. silver_profit
    17.06.2019 17:49
    Thanks for the weekly video report!