- Start of the updated bay - Start of the updated bay

Dear users, we remind you that tomorrow 17.06 in 19: 00 MSC will be the start of the updated Bay.

What does this mean? Now in the Bay it will be possible to go through one stocking per day and no more! Profit for each stocking = 30% (earlier from this amount 3% and 2% went to the pond and aquarium, now this will not happen, each section provides for itself). Income will be automatically credited to your balance after 100% of the next stocking.

At the first stocking you need a total investment in 10000 rubles. Each of the participants will be able to invest on the first day no more than 5% of the required amount, i.e. no more than 500 rubles per person. Then every day the maximum amount of the deposit increases by 1%, i.e. Totally on the 2 day, you can invest 6% of the required amount for stocking, 3 day 7%, 4 day 8%, etc.

You have the opportunity to choose which balance the money will go to, if a tick is set during the deposit - the funds will be credited to the balance of the fish farm. If the check before the deposit was removed - the funds will go to the balance for withdrawal.

Those. in short, invested 100 rubles in stocking №1, after stocking №2 you get 130 rubles, you can reserve a place for profit in each stocking.

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