- New timeframes for dead fish - New timeframes for dead fish

Dear users, today, as planned, in 18: 00, according to MSK, we set new time frames for the dead fish.

What does this mean? Previously, having bought a fisherman, you had to go once in 24 hours so that the fish he caught did not spoil. Due to the fact that it is summer, the heat, the fish begins to deteriorate twice as fast. Those. You need to collect a catch every 12 hours.

Do not be in a hurry to get upset, if it is not very convenient for you, tomorrow VIP accounts will be added, having received it, or having bought it, the time until the dead fish can increase to 5 days! There will also be other nice benefits.

We remind you that in our project you can earn absolutely on full liability. In our Bank, you can open a deposit and not bathe about anything.

The advantage of the deposit from the purchase of fishermen is that you do not need to go every day and collect the catch, while you will not spoil anything. You may not go for weeks, but in order to receive accruals on the deposit, you just need to visit the Bank, and the money will go to your balance. Choose a tariff, make a deposit and get daily accruals!

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Комментарии (6)

  1. fenix55 18 June 2019 07: 25

    Now nobody will buy fishermen) everyone will sit in a bank with deposits
    A complaint
    1. matrix2000 22 June 2019 00: 09

      And I catch fish) has become hemorrhoid)
      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 22 June 2019 12: 16

        Well, I have the remnants of the fish fund, and I bring them out, I think now it is not very profitable to sit in the fish
        A complaint
  2. Marina 15 June 2019 17: 04

    Invented, funny guys)))
    A complaint
  3. matrix2000 15 June 2019 15: 29

    yes it became a little more inconvenient
    A complaint
  4. 4difeer666 14 June 2019 19: 52

    Well, in general, from the point of view of logic, they do everything correctly, they make a real game, although it’s not at all convenient in 12 hours ...
    A complaint