- Added a new character "Shkrek"

Dear Investors! Starting today, you have the opportunity to buy a new unique character Shkrek.
The cost of which is 3333 ruble, the yield of 160% for 60 days. 

Škrek works only in a pair with the Splinter Boat, each purchased Boat opens up the possibility to buy one Skrek. Do not forget that there are limits on the number of characters.
To purchase available 3 Boats Splint and 3 Skreka.
Good luck!

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  1. 4difeer666
    14.06.2019 19:43
    Interesting action, high payback, and you can risk
  2. Marina
    13.06.2019 23:06
    The project perfectly comes up with these promotions and news for development!
  3. matrix2000
    13.06.2019 13:13
    Interestingly for a long time this project is still enough)