Between 13.06.2019 and 24.06.2019, our activity will be reduced.

Good day, dear partners!

Since 13.06.2019 by 24.06.2019 our activity will be reduced. Give the blog can for several hours a day. There may be delays in the payment of bonuses and compensation. Fresh payments, important news will try to lay out in a timely manner! Do not forget that at any time you can apply in person and ask for advice on any issues that may arise, the selection of an investment portfolio.

Now is not the time for active investments, in the summer there are very few projects that are worthwhile. Most people left for planned vacations or rest in country houses and outside the city. Admins are not in a hurry to launch good and new projects into the light, mostly one-day HYIPs are coming. Personally, we do not plan active work in the coming month in the HYIP environment - both admins are with us and we are with them. The same with new investments. We will look closely at this period, projects can be launched for smooth development. Perhaps we take something really worthwhile, but so far we are working with what has survived.

Friends, not a reason to get upset about SCAMs), there are many good projects ahead of us, as well as a lot of insurance and large refbekov. Therefore, we select the snot and move on! WITH 24 June I will be in a working environment.

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We invest together with the team and get the best conditions for cooperation in strong projects!

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  1. Graph
    14.06.2019 20:16
    Have a good rest Rich! Gain strength and give new strong projects!
    1. 4difeer666
      14.06.2019 23:24
      Well, he can not donate, but there is a chance that strong administrators will get in touch with him is high, they are usually in summer and partisans
      1. matrix2000
        16.06.2019 09:16
        Down with the guerrilla guerrillas))
  2. Marina
    13.06.2019 23:07
    We will wait for you and we will rest for a while. Have a good time))
  3. 4difeer666
    13.06.2019 14:44
    Have a good rest !! I think we can handle a week and a half, especially in summer)
  4. matrix2000
    13.06.2019 12:01
    Ehh what to do, everyone wants to rest)
  5. mas777
    13.06.2019 10:58
    Have a nice rest!!!!
  6. Lavr
    13.06.2019 10:13
    Summer, there is summer - it's time to relax .. As scientists say - in the summer, efficiency drops by 20% and more ... it follows from this - more in nature, less indoors)
  7. gilew455
    13.06.2019 09:49
    It’s a good idea for Rich to look at this proposal for other blocks to abstain from one-day projects for a couple of weeks to make deposits so that the admins keep the projects.
  8. fenix55
    13.06.2019 04:27
    that's right, you need to relax too relaxed waiting for a new wave of good projects)