Whalesclub.io - Investing in yourself is the best investment. Earn 150%.

No food is provided for free, and in the long run we need to monetize our concept so that we can support our activities in the long run. Let's see why we offer free accounts and how we can maintain a long-term perspective.

Extreme volatility

Earn 150% and create your portfolio

• Fluctuating daily rates (from 3% to 4% per working day and 1-2% on weekends)

• Daily earnings available in your account

• The function of merging deposits (new deposit merges with the previous one);

• Min: $ 100 - Max. $ 100 000

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  1. Marina
    13.06.2019 23:11
    I have already used soon, the project shows excellent results!
  2. 4difeer666
    12.06.2019 00:16
    Well, such a plan for yourself, the first plan with 5% per day is much better, this one is in no way profitable, except for charges on weekends
    1. fenix55
      13.06.2019 02:31
      I agree. first plan for better. On this I think, too, there are willing
  3. matrix2000
    11.06.2019 23:25
    An interesting point thanks for the info