Whalesclub.io - Adding a Bounty Program

Dear bounty hunters! We received a lot of questions from our users about the Bounty campaign, so here is our first Bounty campaign dedicated exclusively to Youtubers. If you can record a video about WhalesClub (with your referral link, of course) and upload it to your channel and leave it for at least 14 days - you will receive a cash prize. The amount of remuneration will depend on the popularity of your channel (the number of subscribers and views) and will be at least 20 dollars, and the maximum - 500 dollars. Below are the terms for providing awards on YouTube. 1. The video publisher must be a member of WhalesClub with an active deposit of at least 50 US dollars. 2. Videos must be posted on a channel with at least 5000 subscribers and, on average, 2000 views per video. 3. The video should be with clear sound. 4. The video should include an overview of WhalesClub + services showing progress (i.e. payment confirmation). The video must remain on the channel for at least 14 days after publication, and this is a condition for receiving rewards. If you think you can fulfill these conditions (it’s not so difficult, in our opinion), please contact our representative at this email address: bounty@whalesclub.io after publishing the video. Our manager will check each request to ensure that all conditions have been met and you will be notified by email. If you have any questions or comments about this, please contact us by email above.

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  1. 4difeer666
    06.06.2019 23:55
    Good news, a lot of bounty has appeared lately.
  2. Marina
    06.06.2019 23:54
    Thanks for the news, the development is felt.
  3. matrix2000
    05.06.2019 23:03
    Bounty is not for everyone unfortunately (
    1. Marina
      06.06.2019 23:53
      nothing, this is only the beginning, then the others will go to the job, I hope)
      1. matrix2000
        08.06.2019 17:42
        Yeah, according to their requirements, it is clear that they will not give up anyone greedily for bounty, hardly, and if that is a mere penny