- Schedule updates. - Schedule updates.

As promised, we are reporting an update schedule for the near future.

06.06.19 Refund from the Pond to the Fish Fund.
07.06.19 Launch Aquarium.
09.06.19 Refund from the Bay to the Fish Fund.
10.06.19 Increase limits in the section Aquarium.
12.06.19 Launch Pond (updated rules).
13.06.19 New Character. Purchase under special conditions.
14.06.19 Changes in the time frame of a dead fish.
15.06.19 Add VIP accounts. Ability to get benefits in the game.
17.06.19 Launch Bay (updated rules).
19.06.19 Adding new banners and stickers.
21.06.19 Adding game "Auction" with balance for withdrawal.
23.06.19 Adding surfing in the active window. Adding the deadline for performing tasks in the box
25.06.19 New Promotional Character.
27.06.19 Start Investors + Referee Contest.
30.06.19 Increase limits on Rybak Mikhalych + Drake Arkasha.

Thank you for trusting our project!

It will be even more interesting and profitable!

Good luck!

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