Oldridge.fund - Important update! Aldridge Foundation Pools

Oldridge.fund - Important update! Aldridge Foundation Pools

Hi, this is Thomas. Beautiful sunday, isn't it? All people enjoy the weekend, but our programmers are real heroes. They worked hard all week to make an important platform update. As a result, meet: Aldridge Foundation pool zone.

The financial market (and all investment projects) work the same way: if you have 1000 dollars, you can get a small percentage of the profits. If you have a 1.000.000 $, you can make a HUGE profit. That is why rich people all over the world are rapidly increasing their wealth from year to year.

This is a little unfair. If you invest 100 $ in the Oldridge fund for Scalping - you will receive 6% daily income. But if you invest 5001 $ - you get 7,5% ... The same situation?

But we fix this with the Pools option. Now you can invest 100 $ in the 5001 $ pool with other investors - and also get 7,5% profit. It is simple and very profitable.

Try our new fantastic option.: https://oldridge.fund/pools?lang=ru

In your account: https://oldridge.fund/account/pools?lang=ru

Invest together and get the maximum profit!

Best regards, T. Cooper
Oldridge Fund PTY LTD (ZA)

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  1. 4difeer666 7 June 2019 00: 00

    I think after his appearance it was clear what would happen next, and the plan is not particularly profitable.
    A complaint
  2. Marina 7 June 2019 00: 00

    And even the pools were collected, I hope no one had time to invest in it.
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