Oldridge.fund - Oldridge Fund in Russian

Oldridge.fund - Oldridge Fund in Russian

Hi, how are you? We have good news for all Russian-speaking clients.

I did not plan to add the Russian language so quickly. Because we usually focus on the Asian market. But there are many requests in Russian, I see activity and I had to change the plan.

We have added the Russian version today. Greetings to all Russian-speaking customers.

We still do not have Russian and Vietnamese advertising banners and presentations. Sorry for that, I'll fix it in a couple of days.

Telegram chat community: https://t.me/oldridgecomm

Official channel: https://t.me/oldridgenews

PS: We are looking for English-speaking and Vietnamese moderators for new chats. Send your CV to [email protected] marked "Moderator".

Sincerely, T. Cooper

Oldridge Fund PTY LTD (ZA)

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