El-Terro.com - Lottery for new investors

El-Terro.com - Lottery for new investors

Lottery for new investors.

The purpose of the lottery is to disseminate information.

Elterro's mission is to expand the network of electric stations and reduce the cost of electricity for electric car owners.

Every weekend there is a draw (Lottery) for the participants of the company Elterro. This weekend's raffle will take place 02.06.2019 in 21: 00 MSK.

Terms of the draw:

Be a member of the company Elterro, be registered, and bind telegram bot

1 Run the bot @elterro_bot

2 Send the bot / start command

3 Enter the code in your account

Active investment in companies (active deposit)

Publish information about Elterro in their social networks: - Telegram (channel), VK, FB, TW, OK, Instagram, YouTube (minimum 2 social network)

The publication should be fixed and contain information about your cooperation with the company, placing an affiliate link, and a screenshot of the investment. By making a publication you share and showcase new, clean technologies of the future.

In your account (https://el-terro.com/personal/bonuses) The status of these actions is displayed, upon completion, activate the "Participate" button and automatically become a participant. At the appointed time from the formed list of participants, the winners are randomly selected. The result will be published in the personal account of each participant.

This lottery is held on an ongoing basis for new customers. You can take part only 1 times.

The prize fund is displayed on the page https://el-terro.com/investors#bonuses

Depending on the number of participants, prize places and amounts are formed.

For information on the lottery is recommended to go to chat and subscribe to the telegram channel.

Chat: @El_Terro

Telegram channel: @ElTerro

Company Video: @ElTerro_Video

Results of the second lottery for new investors from 26.05.2019 21: 00 MSK https://el-terro.com/company/news/?_id=wCu2GpaL3szDj7apX

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  1. 4difeer666 3 June 2019 10: 35

    A great way for anyone to earn or deposit or immediately money
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  2. Marina 3 June 2019 08: 51

    I love the lottery)
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