Competition "Happy childhood" from in honor of Children's Day!

Competition "Happy childhood" from in honor of Children's Day!

Team congratulates you on Children's Day! We sincerely want and hope that children will always have a bright future, favorable conditions for growth and will not know the troubles.

In connection with this holiday, we want to organize a competition called “Happy childhood”. Anyone who is registered on our blog can take part in it.

Sponsors of our competition - projects Rombus Group и El terro!

Our deposit in Rombus Group: $200.

The project has a bonus from the deposit. 3% and insurance $300.

Our deposit in El terro: $500.

The project has a bonus from the deposit. 1% and insurance $500.

You need:

  • To be registered on our site;
  • Write a fun or interesting story from your childhood;
  • Congratulate blog readers on the holiday;
  • Leave your Perfect Money or Payeer wallet in the comments.

Each registered user of our monitoring blog can take part!

Date of review: 2-3 June!

Prize money: $100!

Winners will be chosen among those who correctly fulfilled the conditions and approached the task as interestingly as possible. 

Winners will receive: 1-place - $25, 2-place - $20, 3-place - $15, 4-place - $10, 5-place - $7.5, 6-place - 5$, 7-place - 5$, 8-place - 3$, 9-place - $2.5, 10-place - 2$, 11-15-place - 1$.

Good luck to everyone!

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Комментарии (38)

  1. udimka 4 June 2019 11: 46

    The prize was received
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  2. MrFox 3 June 2019 23: 18

    Thank you for the contest - a very unusual and interesting 03.06.19 14: 09 Receive Received Payment 1.00 USD from account to account U16414757. Batch: 14000189. Memo: Prize for the Blog Contest
    A complaint
  3. Mariya86D 3 June 2019 21: 32

    Thank you for making us happy with interesting contests! I really liked the competition! It was like being a child again. The stories of all are very interesting! Thank you it was fun to read them)))
    Thank you for the prize !!!
    A complaint
  4. 4difeer666 3 June 2019 17: 55

    Thank you for the prize: 06.03.19 14: 09 Account Receive + 1.00 Received Payment 1.00 USD from account to U16414757. Batch: 18183296. Memo: Prize for the Blog Contest
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  5. mas777 3 June 2019 17: 14

    Rich thanks for the prize!
    Congratulations to all!
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  6. Marina 3 June 2019 16: 45

    Thank you very much to the blog for the cool, fun competition that immersed me in my childhood and of course for the prize! The amount of 20 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U16414757-> U12409199. Memo: Prize for the contest on the blog. Date: 14:07 03.06.19/264627927/XNUMX. Batch: XNUMX
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  7. matrix2000 3 June 2019 16: 43

    Congratulations to all the winners) Contests are always good)
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  8. richmonkey 3 June 2019 16: 29

    The results of the contest "Happy childhood" from in honor of Children's Day

    We hope that everyone who wanted to take part in the competition. Time to sum up the competition in honor of Children's Day from

    We are pleased that you liked the competition and there were a large number of participants, despite the fact that a story telling competition takes a certain amount of time. Thank you, our readers! It was interesting to read your stories from childhood and it is quite difficult to choose the winners.

    We recommend to read the stories of our readers! It is very interesting and fun in places.

    1-place - AlexFanat [25 $];
    2-place - Marina [20 $];
    3-place - Logika28 [15 $];
    4-place - Mariya86D [10 $];
    5-place - udimka [7.5 $];
    6 place - mas777 [5 $];
    7-place - matrix2000 [5 $];
    8-place - Petruhai [3 $];
    9-place - PoJop [2.5 $];
    10-place - moneytoday [2 $];
    11-place - homi [1 $];
    12-place - rammaster [1 $];
    13-place - MrFox [1 $];
    14-place - 4difeer666 [1 $];
    15-place - maria1993 [1 $];

    We hope you enjoyed the contest. Thanks to all those who participated! You motivate us to be better!
    Take time and leave feedback about getting a prize in the MMGP thread and on our blog.
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    1. Marina 3 June 2019 16: 46

      I liked the competition very much, congratulations to all the winners. The stories are very cool and they cheered me up)
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      1. 4difeer666 3 June 2019 17: 56

        Very funny contest, in our sad realities is necessary, thank you!
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  9. udimka 2 June 2019 14: 03

    Congratulations to all on the holiday. Children are one of the meanings of life in this world. When you get older there are thoughts that you need to perform actions that will allow future generations to live better. In childhood, you do not understand this, but over time it comes to a person.

    I remembered one of my stories. As a child I had a cat and I loved to play with him, I sometimes liked to run after him and scare, the floor was slippery and when he started it looked funny and somehow after new year I was at home and decided to scare him with Bengal fire, I waved it in front of his eyes until he crawled under the table in the kitchen. As I remember, I thrust my hand under the table and above it still wave a burning fire. The first spark falls on the wool, the second and after the third it lights up. I was scared because of course I didn't want to burn it. I still remember a fraction of a second of this event when his wool was burning and he looked at me calmly, I still did not understand that he was threatening. I took it out from under the table and let it be extinguished with my bare hands, it broke loose, I thought I would beat him for nothing, and I just put out the cat. After the victory over fire, a small bald spot was formed in the pet, and the smell was as if it had been burnt plastic. At that moment I thought my parents would kill me. You need to hide it like that. In the end, I took the cat to the bathroom and let's wash it, he scratched me decently during this procedure, and then I realized that water is not the element of cats, they don’t like to be wetted). Then I dried it off with a hair dryer, but the smell was still unpleasant in that place and I still sprinkled it with perfume, combed it and as if nothing had happened, there were almost no traces, parents still do not know). After that, I realized that sparks for cat fur are dangerous)

    A complaint
  10. MrFox 2 June 2019 12: 40

    All with the holiday Children's Day! May our children never know misfortunes and live in joy and peace.

    When I was about five years old, I had an interesting incident.
    My mother's friend came to visit us, she was pregnant at that time. We all sat down to lunch, and I was surprised to see how she eats hot soup. Finally, my aunt asked me why I look like this. To which I replied: “But as a baby in the tummy does not burn, because you are pouring hot soup on him ?!” The adults laughed at my words for a long time. Now I understand why they had so much fun.
    And here is the second funny story from my childhood. I read it somehow out loud and with an expression, which means that the tale about Ivan Tsarevich, and my mother did something and my loud reading distracted her. And she asked me to read to myself. Well, without any hesitation, I began to insert my name instead of Ivan. We still laugh when we remember this story)))
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  11. Logika28 2 June 2019 03: 28

    I sincerely congratulate all blog readers on this bright, kind and wonderful holiday, and of course, a special thank you to the organizers for creating such a positive and creative competition!

    As I read the title, I immediately remembered a quote from life “Only children can truly love. They love sincerely, with all their tiny hearts, not knowing what lies and betrayal are! "

    I decided not to pass by and write about my rather funny story from my early childhood, I was no more than 5-6 years old, I came to spend the whole summer with my family grandparents in Voronezh, one day I played with my grandmother in shop and asked her for 5 rubles, the grandmother jokingly asked - "And why do you need 5 rubles?" to which I honestly answered her - "I want to take a bus ride to the toy store" my grandmother laughed and thought that I continued to play and gave me 5 rubles without second thoughts, which I honestly went and spent on travel, I remember that the fare then cost 2-3 rubles The conductor then shouted at all transport to whom to return the change for a long time, but I gave 5 rubles and had no idea what it cost and how much I should get change, as it turned out later, I did not even think about how I would return home.
    Well, I arrived at the center, walked around all the shops, ran on the playground, drove the pigeons, then I realized that it was late in the evening and it was time to return home, only I had no money for the way back, I decided that from memory I would return home on foot, so that you understand it 15 km for sure. Fortunately for me, I went into a store on the outskirts and asked the saleswoman - "Hello, aunt, do not tell me, is there any further at home?" to which she answered me there, but they are too far, I approximately remembered the direction I realized that there was nothing to be done and had to stomp home on foot, when I got out the saleswoman ran after me and asked the boy that you were lost, I said no, I went to my grandmother and showed in the direction of where, as I thought then that I had arrived. Fortunately, my aunt was watching the news, at that moment my grandmother raised all the police, military and rescuers of Voronezh and my aunt eventually guessed to call the police, everything ended in the police station, as I remember now, I eat a sandwich with sausage, there are sweets, tomatoes, chocolate and other goodies (the police officers treated me to all of this) grandmother comes in whiter than a sheet after bleach, next to her grandfather is all red for some reason, and next to them is their doctor with a bottle of water and drops, as it later turned out it was carvalol, and then I realized that I had come to tryndets and that I would have to spend the rest of my vacation at home under the strict supervision of my grandparents!

    Here is such an interesting, funny and most importantly memorable story happened in my childhood)

    A complaint
  12. Marina 2 June 2019 00: 23

    A great holiday and, as always, a super contest from the blog! I congratulate all of you on Children's Day! We are all children at heart)). I wish everyone to be cheerful and enjoy life like children!

    For some reason, several funny stories from childhood immediately came to mind. I have two twin brothers, three years younger than me. Naturally, they listened to me and believed me. And I’m still a joke lover. I came up with the idea that I can conjure and let them "rub" the tricks, the laughter itself parses, and they are naive to believe me joy I will adjust everything in advance, figure out where that "suddenly" will appear and start the performance. When I remember their bewilderment in their eyes, it's still funny joy And if they ask me to conjure up some more, and I'm not ready, then I say - that's it, God doesn't allow, only once a day is it possible joy For a long time I drove them by the nose with these tricks. I also fooled them for coins - exchanged them at a favorable rate for them: they give me only one (50 kopecks, and I give them a whole bunch of 1 kopecks each. another funny incident, as we all know in childhood, we are all afraid of thunderstorms. And it so happened that the parents were not at home, and a strong storm began - thunder, lightning. For my childish reasons, as an older sister commanded that it was not safe to be at home, God forbid collapse! - you need to collect all the most valuable (passports, money) and wait for the parents on the street. What we did: stood on the porch for about an hour, frightened, but satisfied with themselves)) And when the parents arrived, for some reason they not praised for such a "smart" act joy Well, one more funny incident that my parents still remember to me)) It is called "golden soup". Dad sometimes drove moonshine (for himself, why not)). So, our water was often turned off and we collected it in pots in advance. My parents were at the market, and I, the hostess, decided to cook a soup. I took a saucepan with the water I had collected and poured it into the sink! Poured a whole pot of samogon into the sink! I smelled the smell at the end, but it was too late))). As you understood the soup, I tried very hard to cook it and it turned out to be magical stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye .
    There were still stories, as the brothers and I hid from a thunderstorm in the basement, how they were selling cleanly on the market, as the fire was arranged in the bathroom and dad (black as blacks), then I almost got drunk and I also got the belt, usually only brothers fell under distribution.

    While writing these stories, I remembered and laughed to tears. My childhood was very funny and memorable. Thank you for such an interesting blog contest) Well, hello brothers stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

    A complaint
  13. Grib 1 June 2019 22: 29

    By the age of 6, my childhood managed to try everything) in the literal sense of the word. I would also know why I needed it, but still). I ate plasticine with my brothers. Kill, I don't remember what the need was, but it was impossible to refuse (as, however, always at such a small age of a boy
    A complaint
  14. AlexFanat 1 June 2019 22: 25

    Childhood, childhood, where are you in a hurry?

    I would like to start my story (story) about everyone's favorite age, although many people are trying to quickly become an adult. Initially, they did not understand all the delights of their own childhood, and the child has practically no life problems, they just all start from a more mature age.

    I would like to combine the strongest impressions from childhood with school times, because a large layer of stories and adventures should be taken from this wonderful time. Especially if you take into account the fact that I was the most active student, I was able to tell poetry with expression and even to some extent sing and dance.
    New Year's holidays, Teacher's Day, September 1st, it was certainly a good field for self-expression in one way or another. And I always liked the laborious process itself, even regardless of the energy consumption for one or another preliminary preparation. Plus, all this is quite a useful activity, thus you can get a good handle on the artistic genre, and no one ever forgets about teamwork within their school class.

    The strongest and most serious event in my school childhood was the YUID (Young Traffic Inspectors) competition, because I managed to take part in them for 3 years. Every year, together with classmates from school, we won regional competitions, thanks to which we got to city competitions. The winners from other districts of the city took part in them directly. Preparation for this action lasted for 3 months. It was during this period of time that we had to write a script, learn the rules of the road, learn how to properly regulate our teammates on the road surface, improve cycling (one of the team members had to go around such an eight), plus sew colorful costumes, and memorize songs and dances as a result.
    Although already in the third year one of us was given the opportunity to try ourselves at the wheel of a car. Thus, it was necessary to park the car without any problems, so that the competitive points were not removed from the team. So already at a young age, children had a great idea of ​​the rules of the road, about driving a vehicle by car. And of course, do not forget about the amazing pastime with close friends.
    Creativity generates great positive and unique pleasant emotions. In particular, there is a gradual hardening of the child, during which a person acquires skills, talents and, of course, an excellent conversation lesson. Thanks to the latter, the child develops positive character traits, because communicating correctly and competently is a very creative thing that contributes to career achievements, regardless of age restrictions. Plus, there is some kind of training of the nervous system, later for investment projects it will be very useful in application.

    I would like to summarize the results in a standard way for me, because books, football on the street, school activities and various circles, trips to the circus, theater and park. Participation in grandiose projects by the standards of childhood, the same YUID. All this beautiful is far away, do not be cruel to me, do not be.
    All this is learned over time, and now I am beginning to reap the fruits of my own childhood. After all, it's never too late to learn, but learning from childhood is even more useful for the formation of a full-fledged person in the future.
    Today's date gives a lot of ground for reflection, and I would like to wish all the children of the planet Earth - happiness, joy, knowledge, peace, prosperity, family well-being. Money is not the main thing in their life, although this is a certain component of a good life for a child. Much more important are those priceless emotions from childhood, because any child remembers them for the rest of his life.

    So, childhood, childhood, where are you in a hurry?

    A complaint
  15. rammaster 1 June 2019 22: 24

    Happy childhood, everyone, dear subscribers of this site. My crazy childhood passed in the USSR. Now I remember with horror what my friends and I did not do and did not get up to. They jumped from the roof of garages into the snow, at a construction site they jumped into a pile of sand from 2-3 floors. They made all sorts of homemade bombs and explosives, smelted lead from batteries and even put beer caps and coins on the rails under the freight train. They were just crazy and did not understand what we were doing and did not realize what was happening!) I walked on the street until I turned blue and my mother scolded me for it and did not want to let me go home later! Said "go where you have been and walked." In general, my childhood was very funny and memorable! Nowadays modern children, I find it more boring to spend time.
    And also I always really wanted to eat and it was a great happiness for me to take 9 kopecks from my mother and buy half of soft and fragrant black bread with them. And then he paid him up for both checks. And it was for me the most pleasure, the best food!
    In general, all once again with a holiday now I have 2 little daughters Mashul and Mirusha 5 and 4 years old and I wish them and all the kids on the planet all the best and carefree childhood! Hooray!
    A complaint
  16. Mariya86D 1 June 2019 21: 27

    I was 3-4 years old then - no more. My mother and I rested at the dacha and my cousin came to us (he was 23 at that time) to help block the roof of the veranda with roofing material. We worked all morning, then a break for lunch and rest, my mother cooked borscht. We ate, rested and climbed onto the roof again. All this time I was playing and sleeping. In general, it was an independent creature. Well, I was impatient to eat. I go into the kitchen, borscht is on the stove. I take a plate, bring a stool to the stove, pour myself a borschik, drum it all to the table. As a decent person ate, the plate went into the sink. Well, I must report to my mother how smart I am.)
    And now, according to my mother: "We are standing with Seryozha on the roof, then I hear - there is some kind of noise in the kitchen. Well, I think the child is playing. Suddenly, top-top, kicks out onto the porch. The next thing I see: half of the face is red, hands are red, a T-shirt with red spots .. "That's how I ate a borschik and almost brought my mother to kondrashka.)

    I congratulate everyone on the occasion of Children's Day! Children are our happiness, our wealth and the most important meaning of our life !!!
    A complaint
  17. mas777 1 June 2019 17: 57

    Childhood in the USSR could not be unhappy !!
    It was always fun in my grandfather's garden, at school, and at the institute.
    Or memory leaves only memories dear to the heart.
    The funniest memory for me, grandfather of the kindergarten, was when I went home without my parents, it was not far to walk, a couple of blocks, but since I felt almost like a schoolboy, I walked boldly without fear of anyone.
    Footnote - at this time, parents are trying to crack the educators on the subject of finding their beloved son.
    I walked happy and contented, it was summer, warm and there were many interesting things around.
    The guys burned a huge bonfire, the guys played football on the sports ground and in other places there was a lot of interesting things.
    I met my friends Igor Chedanov, he was a couple of years older than me, and we went to the new house to see how the tenants were moving in.
    There we helped people bring things into their apartments, they fed us with punches and other tasty products.
    In general, in the evening we sat at the entrance with a couple of boxes of chocolates, a pack of tea (three elephants), well-fed and dirty, and everyone had fifty kopecks in their pockets.
    Then my parents appeared and we had fun for a very long time when they tried to catch me and Igor for more than an hour. We thought we were playing tag, but they wanted to whip us with a belt.
    All with the day of the kids with the first day of summer.
    All warmth and profit. P1005841326
    A complaint
    1. matrix2000 2 June 2019 21: 23

      They already showered with gifts)
      A complaint
  18. Pojop 1 June 2019 17: 40

    Hello, now you are reading my childhood story.
    The years of my youth passed quite interesting and exciting, there are many memories from this period, but I will tell you about one ...
    It was an ordinary sunny summer day, I wrote to a friend so that he went out for a walk at about 18-19 o'clock and went on to go about his business. Towards evening I changed, left the house, met with a friend and we went to look for adventure in one place. In our search we stumbled upon an old, abandoned water tower with no doors, we did not hesitate to go there. We saw an ascent to the top, in the form of a spiral staircase, which did not have more than half of the steps, but the wall had all the fastenings for these steps. I suggested jumping over them, that is, pushing off the mount, grabbing the one higher and making a "force outlet" like on a horizontal bar, thereby climbing to the top and see what is there. I started the first one as I proposed this venture, safely jumping over the first, but on the second support, when I was pushing off, the girder broke and I fell, it's good that the height was small and I didn't hurt myself. Having laughed a little at this, we went on for a walk.

    All with a holiday of protection of children!

    A complaint
  19. truman888 1 June 2019 16: 45

    My friends and I loved boats and other nonsense to start up. So somehow we decided that the boats are not interesting, but it is interesting to start up the shoes, run to watch them sail and get them. The water flow was decent and I decided to put my shoe on. And they were new, dad just came from a business trip, brought it, in general, let it go, my shoe is floating, and in front of it is a small tunnel, as it were, we did not have time to catch the tunnel. My sandal swam into the tunnel and we never saw it again. Fortunately, we lived not far away, before jumping in one shoe. Then I had to hide my shoes for a week so that my parents would not see one shoe, though later I had to confess.
    I want to congratulate all the girls and boys on Children's Day and wish you good health and a bright sun overhead.
    A complaint
  20. Petruhai 1 June 2019 16: 37

    Yes, of course, there are a lot of stories and mostly funny) well, out of the shorter ones ... I was 5 years old, then we still lived in Novosibirsk, I don't remember already in my childhood. we were in a hurry, we go down, it means that my mother and I are on the elevator, but I must add that then I was a rather direct and "straightforward" person) I said everything I think) I confess sometimes it happens even now), that means the elevator stops and enters a neighbor who lives a little lower, and he, I must say, was sooo thin, apparently a very thin physique), since at that age I paid attention to this ... and I turn to my mother and say very loudly and clearly - Mom, how is it , and you told me that Kashcheev Bessmertnykh does not exist? !!!
    Mom in paint, began to apologize for me, the neighbor was embarrassed, I was at a loss ... Mom seemed to mine endless this rest of the road in the elevator to the first floor))

    On this day I would like to wish everyone a summer mood, smiles, positive emotions, laughter, mood and everything will be wonderful !!!

    A complaint
  21. moneytoday 1 June 2019 16: 32

    Good day to all! I remembered my funny story from childhood. I was 7 years old student of the 1st grade. At school, it was customary to hand in money for breakfast every week at 10 rubles a week at that time, the tariffs did not change for years, and I still remember this figure. Usually, the parents put the required amount into the portfolio on Monday and reminded them how important it was not to forget to give the money to the teacher. When I came to school, I realized that I had lost the money, and naturally I didn’t turn it in for breakfast and the teacher wrote this in my diary to my parents.
    The school day for the lessons flew by unnoticed, but on the way home I realized that my parents would punish me for the lost money, and therefore began to cry. I had to go home 300 meters, as my neighbor, Uncle Gena, catches up with me, and he asks: "What happened?" I told him everything that I was going to school and had lost 10 rubles for breakfast, and that I was going to be punished at home, and my neighbor said: “Can you imagine? I was going to work today, I see, 10 rubles are lying on the path, so it turns out that they were yours. " How glad I was that the money was found, I will not be punished, and my mood immediately improved. Came home to my parents told the whole story they believed. But 10 years later, Uncle Gena confessed to me that he simply helped me out as a neighbor, and did not find anything. How nice that there are such kind people in the world, let all the children in the world be surrounded by such people.
    I want to congratulate all blog readers on the holiday! May all your children's dreams come true and the world will be kinder. After all, every child is our future !!! Let's make this future come! Thanks to the blog for the U1387318 competition.
    A complaint
    1. Marina 2 June 2019 00: 45

      Very cute story)
      A complaint
  22. maria1993 1 June 2019 16: 16

    I somehow stole my mom's lipstick and brought it to kindergarten. She hid her in panties until the quiet hour, and when everyone fell asleep, she crept into the toilet and began to "paint". I smeared it all over my face with a thick layer and went to sleep proud - why, I'm a beauty now, just like my mother. The teachers did not even swear then. I also swam in puddles, it was fun. Congratulations to all the kids on their day. !!!!!!! I wish a childhood without worries, have fun and enjoy life. P91225517
    A complaint
  23. 4difeer666 1 June 2019 16: 06

    Hmm, there were a lot of funny stories, well, perhaps there is one very funny. Since I'm still a child at heart, and I'm not particularly grown up by age. In general, it was 8 years ago, when I was 10. I went to play in the schoolyard with friends, where I first went to play football. Getting to know the ball was always not the most pleasant for me, but here it was also tough. The ball was given to me, I hit the goal, and the ball from the bar straight into my face, my nose hurt a lot For such reasons, I didn't stop, the ball flew to my feet after the face, and I hit again, the ball hit my groin, it was already very unpleasant, but I'm not weak, I hit again and knocked out my last baby tooth. In general, it had to be pulled out for a long time, but I was very afraid, but then it turned out by itself)). Now I really like to play football, but how I started playing it was not forgotten)))
    A complaint
    1. Marina 2 June 2019 00: 48

      I imagined this picture and laughed heartily))) Write a purse)
      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 2 June 2019 01: 54

        I also remember laughing now, but I forgot, U18183296
        A complaint
      2. 4difeer666 2 June 2019 19: 19

        I congratulate everyone on the holiday! Summer is a great time to get away from investments
        A complaint
  24. Loran 1 June 2019 16: 04

    Many interesting stories can be told from Soviet childhood!
    At that time there was an obvious tension with toys in the village and we figured out how to entertain ourselves.
    For example, while playing in the store, they sculpted fruits and vegetables from plasticine. The seller was lucky, who sold them and also received coins, worse was the buyer - he was obliged to eat them! And then one day it fell to my sister to be a buyer and she, as it should be, ate everything that she bought in our shop))
    It all ended of course not very funny-enema! We remembered this for life))

    A complaint
    1. matrix2000 1 June 2019 16: 22

      Haahah yelled from history)))))
      A complaint
  25. matrix2000 1 June 2019 16: 04

    I remember in my childhood I lived in the village for some time, I was friends with 1 dude, we were 5-6 years old. And then on one fine day in the summer, as usual, we suffered some kind of nonsense, my and his parents were not at home, we sat in his yard and played various games, then somehow it turned out that we went to his garden and began to consider what grows there, we found some kind of plant then we did not know that it was pepper, it was green. So we sat down and started examining it, taking it in our hands, we didn't taste it. And then the most interesting thing is where do we know that when you touch the pepper in your hands, you can't touch your eyes) well, it turned out that we rubbed our eyes, and that's it, after everything was in a fog) it hurt so much that after 1 minutes we were already laughing from pain, the most important thing is that there was no water that day and we ran from him to my house because I remembered that we always have water hidden, we came to me and began to wash our eyes, and as you understand, water does not help and the situation worsens the fact that we again have three eyes with the same hands from which the pain does not cease and in moments it became stronger. As a result, we were lying on the floor laughing and crying at the same time, after about 10 minutes, we were allowed to and became normal, after that we never touched those plants)

    I congratulate all members of the blog on the "Children's Day!" I wish your future or existing children not to repeat this fate))

    A complaint
    1. Marina 2 June 2019 00: 50

      A-ha-ha, poor things joy
      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 2 June 2019 01: 54

        Tin, it's a wild pain))
        A complaint
        1. matrix2000 2 June 2019 21: 21

          Yes it hurt)
          A complaint
  26. Jaba007 1 June 2019 15: 50

    When I was little on Victory Day, an airplane flew over the city and parachutists jumped from there. She spoke badly, maybe she was lazy ..... And then we went for a walk with the family and when I screamed, look, look, the protushists are flying. Everyone laughed, dad is still teasing even though many years have passed.
    They loved to go to the forest. I collected mushrooms SYNAVIDNIKI, as it turned out later it was aspen mushrooms ...
    All the holiday!
    A complaint
  27. homi 1 June 2019 15: 49

    Once, when I was 7 years old, I loved to strongly repeat after my sister. No, not femininity, but because of what she does - if she is mad, then so that I shouldn't go mad too - how much worse am I?

    And so. In the summer of the same year, when my sister was 12 years old, we noticed a slide while walking. It seems that for her (for me too - I liked to repeat myself) to climb the hill through the stairs was an idea for weaklings and she ran over the hill itself. She did it well, which cannot be said about me. At that moment, when I ran, when I had already started to run along the most iron slide, I slipped and fell, hitting my teeth on the metal slide. As a result, a tooth was broken diagonally, which is still preserved at the time of my 15th birthday ... It was a funny, albeit a little painful moment in my life ...

    Don't overestimate your courage! Happy Children's Day everyone: love and protect your children!

    A complaint