Competition "Happy childhood" from in honor of Children's Day!

Team congratulates you on Children's Day! We sincerely want and hope that children will always have a bright future, favorable conditions for growth and will not know the troubles.

In connection with this holiday, we want to organize a competition called “Happy childhood”. Anyone who is registered on our blog can take part in it.

Sponsors of our competition - projects Rombus Group и El terro!

Our deposit in Rombus Group: 200 $.

The project has a bonus from the deposit. 3% and insurance 300 $.

Our deposit in El terro: 500 $.

The project has a bonus from the deposit. 1% and insurance 500 $.

You need:

  • To be registered on our site;
  • Write a fun or interesting story from your childhood;
  • Congratulate blog readers on the holiday;
  • Leave your Perfect Money or Payeer wallet in the comments.

Each registered user of our monitoring blog can take part!

Date of review: 2-3 June!

Prize money: 100 $!

Winners will be chosen among those who correctly fulfilled the conditions and approached the task as interestingly as possible. 

Winners will receive: 1-place - 25 $, 2-place - 20 $, 3-place - 15 $, 4-place - 10 $, 5-place - 7.5 $, 6-place - 5$, 7-place - 5$, 8-place - 3$, 9-place - 2.5 $, 10-place - 2$, 11-15-place - 1$.

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. udimka
    04.06.2019 11:46
    The prize was received
  2. MrFox
    03.06.2019 23:18
    Thank you for the contest - a very unusual and interesting 03.06.19 14: 09 Receive Received Payment 1.00 USD from account to account U16414757. Batch: 14000189. Memo: Prize for the Blog Contest
  3. Mariya86D
    03.06.2019 21:32
    Thank you for making us happy with interesting contests! I really liked the competition! It was like being a child again. The stories of all are very interesting! Thank you it was fun to read them)))
    Thank you for the prize !!!
  4. 4difeer666
    03.06.2019 17:55
    Thank you for the prize: 06.03.19 14: 09 Account Receive + 1.00 Received Payment 1.00 USD from account to U16414757. Batch: 18183296. Memo: Prize for the Blog Contest
  5. mas777
    03.06.2019 17:14
    Rich thanks for the prize!
    Congratulations to all!
  6. Marina
    03.06.2019 16:45
    Thank you very much to the blog for the cool, fun competition that immersed me in my childhood and of course for the prize! The amount of 20 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U16414757-> U12409199. Memo: Prize for the contest on the blog. Date: 14:07 03.06.19/264627927/XNUMX. Batch: XNUMX
  7. matrix2000
    03.06.2019 16:43
    Congratulations to all the winners) Contests are always good)
  8. richmonkey
    03.06.2019 16:29
    The results of the contest "Happy childhood" from in honor of Children's Day

    We hope that everyone who wanted to take part in the competition. Time to sum up the competition in honor of Children's Day from

    We are pleased that you liked the competition and there were a large number of participants, despite the fact that a story telling competition takes a certain amount of time. Thank you, our readers! It was interesting to read your stories from childhood and it is quite difficult to choose the winners.

    We recommend to read the stories of our readers! It is very interesting and fun in places.

    1-place - AlexFanat [25 $];
    2-place - Marina [20 $];
    3-place - Logika28 [15 $];
    4-place - Mariya86D [10 $];
    5-place - udimka [7.5 $];
    6 place - mas777 [5 $];
    7-place - matrix2000 [5 $];
    8-place - Petruhai [3 $];
    9-place - PoJop [2.5 $];
    10-place - moneytoday [2 $];
    11-place - homi [1 $];
    12-place - rammaster [1 $];
    13-place - MrFox [1 $];
    14-place - 4difeer666 [1 $];
    15-place - maria1993 [1 $];

    We hope you enjoyed the contest. Thanks to all those who participated! You motivate us to be better!
    Take time and leave feedback about getting a prize in the MMGP thread and on our blog.
    1. Marina
      03.06.2019 16:46
      I liked the competition very much, congratulations to all the winners. The stories are very cool and they cheered me up)
      1. 4difeer666
        03.06.2019 17:56
        Very funny contest, in our sad realities is necessary, thank you!
  9. udimka
    02.06.2019 14:03
    Congratulations to all on the holiday. Children are one of the meanings of life in this world. When you get older there are thoughts that you need to perform actions that will allow future generations to live better. In childhood, you do not understand this, but over time it comes to a person.

    I remembered one of my stories. As a child I had a cat and I loved to play with him, I sometimes liked to run after him and scare, the floor was slippery and when he started it looked funny and somehow after new year I was at home and decided to scare him with Bengal fire, I waved it in front of his eyes until he crawled under the table in the kitchen. As I remember, I thrust my hand under the table and above it still wave a burning fire. The first spark falls on the wool, the second and after the third it lights up. I was scared because of course I didn't want to burn it. I still remember a fraction of a second of this event when his wool was burning and he looked at me calmly, I still did not understand that he was threatening. I took it out from under the table and let it be extinguished with my bare hands, it broke loose, I thought I would beat him for nothing, and I just put out the cat. After the victory over fire, a small bald spot was formed in the pet, and the smell was as if it had been burnt plastic. At that moment I thought my parents would kill me. You need to hide it like that. In the end, I took the cat to the bathroom and let's wash it, he scratched me decently during this procedure, and then I realized that water is not the element of cats, they don’t like to be wetted). Then I dried it off with a hair dryer, but the smell was still unpleasant in that place and I still sprinkled it with perfume, combed it and as if nothing had happened, there were almost no traces, parents still do not know). After that, I realized that sparks for cat fur are dangerous)

  10. MrFox
    02.06.2019 12:40
    All with the holiday Children's Day! May our children never know misfortunes and live in joy and peace.

    When I was about five years old, I had an interesting incident.
    My mother's friend came to visit us, she was pregnant at that time. We all sat down to lunch, and I was surprised to see how she eats hot soup. Finally, my aunt asked me why I look like this. To which I replied: “But as a baby in the tummy does not burn, because you are pouring hot soup on him ?!” The adults laughed at my words for a long time. Now I understand why they had so much fun.
    And here is the second funny story from my childhood. I read it somehow out loud and with an expression, which means that the tale about Ivan Tsarevich, and my mother did something and my loud reading distracted her. And she asked me to read to myself. Well, without any hesitation, I began to insert my name instead of Ivan. We still laugh when we remember this story)))