- Transfer hung funds from the Pond section to the Fish Fund. - Transfer hung funds from the Pond section to the Fish Fund.

Dear users, as promised, transferred frozen funds from the pond section to the fish fund. With this money you can buy characters that, will bring income to the balance for withdrawal. The return percentage was 41%

More specifically the section Pond. In stocking No. 37, the amount in 372349 rubles hung, with stocking No. 36 money (527016,82 rubles) went to payments No. 35, respectively, they are not in the game reserve. Therefore, the total amount from No. 37 is divided into 36 and 37 stocking, we get 41% coverage.

We remind you that tomorrow 27.05.2019 in 19: 00 MSC will restart the Pond. Again you will be able to go through a lot of stocking, how much it depends - it depends directly on you. We fulfill our obligations in full.

Some, worry, and suddenly the project closes, collect money, and when a scam or a new project. At the moment we are engaged only in this project and we will pay until the end of the reserve. We 190 + days of work, this once again proves our intentions. Then there will be more, thank you for your trust!

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