- We activate our bounty program! - We activate our bounty program!

Giving "loot"

Good afternoon, dear investors and students of our platform!

Today we would like to share one important news with you.

We activate our bounty program! Thanks to which you can earn money by spending just a couple of minutes of your time :)

What does this mean?

The fact that having published a review about us in your social network account, you will receive a monetary reward, which you can dispose of as you wish. You can withdraw to your e-wallets, or you can activate a deposit.


- Selfies with the inscription "I earn with SalePlus" on the leaf or on the background of the site - from 1 $ to 3 $
- Video review on the background of our site or with the above inscription
- from 2 $ to 5 $ (you must have an active deposit)
- Video review of our project with the confirmation of your contribution (with the publication on YouTube and other social network) - from 5 $ to 10 $

All you need to do is register on our platform, perform the necessary actions and reset the confirmation with a link to us by mail [email protected]

Act! The number of places is limited: 10 awards for selfie feedback, 3 awards for video feedback and 2 awards for video review of our project.

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Комментарии (3)

  1. 4difeer666 25 May 2019 17: 27

    Very worthy, the main thing that is limited, will not be much wash cashier
    A complaint
  2. Marina 25 May 2019 07: 41

    Excellent opportunity for additional income.
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  3. matrix2000 23 May 2019 15: 30

    Bounty is always good))
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