- We are five years old! - We are five years old!

Taxi drivers, today our project 5 years! This is our joint achievement!

For five years we continue to delight our users with stable payments, new promotions, sections, events. These five years for us - a whole life and, at the same time, a brief moment! We invest not only our strength, but also our soul, when we invent and implement new mechanics on the project!

All this became possible only thanks to you, our dear taxi drivers!

Without you, nothing would have happened. Thank you for being and stay with us further! You have already presented us with a valuable gift - the number of registered users of the project has exceeded one million 1 registrations!

Yes, we did it !!!

During the lifetime of the project, we had to meet with such an incredible number of challenges and problems that sometimes we ourselves wonder how we overcame it at all?

They tried to crack us, attacked us, blackmailed us, blocked us, deceived us, forbade us - which they tried to do with us! But we stoically accept any challenges. Everything that does not kill us makes us stronger! Forces continue to give us our users. It is YOU, dear taxi drivers, pick us up from the beds in the early morning to start working on your favorite project!

Every day, our technical support provides hundreds of answers to users' questions, so that everyone can understand everything. Every day, our programmers write hundreds and thousands of lines of code for the project to develop. Every day our servers serve more than 10 000 million requests so that you can use the site.

It does not always go as smoothly as we would like. We are not perfect and make mistakes. Well, who does not allow them? But we find the strength to eliminate problems, find solutions, somehow correct the admitted. We try not only to support the work of the project, but also to develop it! That is what we guarantee you in the future!

5 years is a time! The time for which any project passes the main test - the test of time, and we successfully passed it - on 5 with a plus! Once upon a time, on previous birthdays, we said that our project will exist for a long, very long time - and this was true. We are still saying: we will continue to work and develop Taxi-money! The project will exist very long!

In honor of our first anniversary, we have prepared for you a real extravaganza of events and gifts!

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Комментарии (8)

  1. Alex2601 23 May 2019 17: 57

    This is probably a record among the HYIP industry!
    A complaint
    1. Marina 23 May 2019 22: 20

      Yes, I really do not remember this.
      A complaint
    2. 4difeer666 23 May 2019 22: 57

      Maybe only some partisans, but in the active stage there was definitely no
      A complaint
      1. matrix2000 5 August 2019 03: 09

        Such projects 1 hands will be enough to count
        A complaint
  2. matrix2000 23 May 2019 15: 33

    Everyone who invested and plays on the project congratulations)
    A complaint
  3. fenix55 23 May 2019 04: 47

    long-running project) probably still will work
    A complaint
  4. 4difeer666 23 May 2019 00: 34

    Kapets, this is how much profit is lost (It is a pity that you need to work here to earn
    A complaint
  5. Marina 22 May 2019 23: 17

    Excellent, congratulations, well done!
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