- Added Free-Kassa to Fish Farm.

Dear users, today we added the ability to replenish the balance of the Fish Farm (aquarium, pond, bay) using the Free-Kassa payment acceptance service.

Thus, it opens up the possibility of replenishing the payment system from 21, including cryptocurrency, mobile telecom operators and bank cards. Participation has become more convenient!

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  1. 4difeer666
    22.05.2019 12:29
    Well, this is a plus a lot of investors, I personally did not go sometimes, because I do not like paer
  2. Alex2601
    21.05.2019 15:04
    Fre box office is certainly cool, what else is interesting they come up with?
    1. Marina
      22.05.2019 11:10
      Already the competition fouled)
      1. 4difeer666
        22.05.2019 12:30
        Admin is exactly some kind of god, or thinks through each step very well
  3. Marina
    20.05.2019 23:36
    Well done, guys are developing)
  4. fenix55
    20.05.2019 06:54
    the project never ceases to please news blush this innovation should replenish reserve cash