- Investment plans have changed.

To improve the working conditions of our partners on the Bizzilion website, we decided to replace some of the existing investment plans. These innovations will give you the opportunity to implement even more strategies and, therefore, increase your income.

All funds on deposits created when the previous plans were in effect will be paid on the previous terms. To appreciate the benefits of the implemented improvements, simply make a deposit on the Bizzilion platform. Take advantage of your new features now!

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  1. Fishlov
    19.05.2019 16:06
    Good day to all! The minimum withdrawal amount has changed again now 0.004 BTC
  2. udimka
    15.05.2019 14:52
    I will soon end the circle on the longest plans, I think to go to the updated soon.
  3. Nik888
    14.05.2019 03:36
    Thanks for the information.
  4. matrix2000
    13.05.2019 23:44
    Added new sports?
  5. Marina
    13.05.2019 21:41
    Well, it’s not the first time that their plans change, so everything can be good.
    1. udimka
      15.05.2019 14:51
      They have it all planned in advance, the next time there will be an update in July, it seems, if you look at the site.
      1. Marina
        20.05.2019 23:28
        it is very good that the schedule is there will not be unnerving in the event of an unexpected action.
  6. Alex2601
    13.05.2019 16:16
    Who will say if it makes sense to reinvest, just two deposits are already coming to the end of their work!
    1. udimka
      15.05.2019 14:50
      Profit can play.
      1. Alex2601
        15.05.2019 18:56
        But yes, if only profit, but I'll think about it!