Hyipocrates.com - YouTube bounty.

Reward from 1 $ to 150 $

The terms of the bounty

-Have an active deposit in the project from 10 $ (the size of the deposit affects the reward for bounty, the bigger the deposit, the more you get for bounty. But if all the conditions below are fulfilled)

- Record a video review of the HyipoCrates project
- Download videos on YouTube.
- Leave your referral link in the video description.
- Send us a link to the video.
- Video quality - at least 1280px to 720px.
- The description and title of the video should contain information about HyipoCrates
- At least 200 subscribers should be subscribed to your channel.
- Video review should be yours, and your login should meet the requirements for recording, and not just copied from another source!
- You can perform this action no more than 3 times.
- Reward will be accrued during 72 hours.
- Your bonus will be evaluated by the number of views, your subscribers and likes.


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  1. 4difeer666
    13.05.2019 18:36
    Began to actively develop in the last week, it is very important to attract new investors when deposits are quietly coming out to the BU
    1. Marina
      14.05.2019 08:12
      I am glad that the admin knows his stuff.
  2. Marina
    13.05.2019 15:27
    Thanks for the news! For lovers of bounty a great opportunity to earn extra.
  3. Lavr
    12.05.2019 23:33
    A good idea to attract new investors, because you need to dial 200 subscribers! Admin well done!