TOP-10 signs of an oncoming SCAM

Initially, investing online is fraught with risk. Therefore, it should be understood that sooner or later each investment project will move into the category of "SCAM". There are obvious signs of an approaching SCAM about which we will tell you in this article.

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After the start of every investment project, there will be “critics” who do not always correctly predict the outcome of an investment project. This is due to inexperience or a sense of self-importance, saying: "what if I guess and I’m right." Certainly, experienced investors can sense a hopeless project. It is very important to understand - who is an experienced investor, and who, sorry for the expression, balabol. A little distracted from the topic, but still you make the decision yourself and your cash income depends on it. Therefore, be more cool when investing and familiarize yourself with the obvious signs of “SCAM” in an already running investment project.

Sign #1. Violation of the rules of payment

The very first sign of the nearest SCAM is “Violation of the regulation of payments”. Each investment project has its own type and schedule of payments. By the way, we wrote an article about the types of payments. We believe that it will be useful for you to familiarize yourself with it:

So, with regard to the rules of payment, it is individual. From instant payouts to processing withdrawal requests up to 72 working hours, or even more.

When the project stops instant payments, then for the investor it is already a wake-up call. This, of course, may mean that the money ended in one of the wallets in the project and the administration will soon correct this moment, replenish the wallet, and the fact that the administration has deliberately turned off the instant payments due to the end of the cash flow.

Violation of the rules of payment also applies to the manual type of payments. For example, in an investment project, the procedure for processing an application for withdrawal of funds before 24 hours is indicated and the application is not processed after the regulation has expired, the funds have been returned to the balance, this is a violation of the regulations.

By this point, you can safely include a change in the type of payments. For example, from instant to manual.

PS Note that you should not panic because of small violations of the rules. There is always a small chance that this is a minor technical problem. When the regulations are seriously violated, it is likely that the project is SCAM.

Sign #2. Selective Payments

Selective payments are one of the favorite tricks of top administrators of investment projects that have decent cash flow and not only. The administration can distribute payments on small deposits and terminate payments on large deposits. This is done in order to somehow save the work of the investment project, but, naturally, this does not end with anything good. Investors with large deposits, even though they are in the minority, will blow over the fact that they are not paid in forums, blogs, monitoring, and a natural panic will begin.

A word of advice: Before investing, always check the project status on several resources at the same time in order to more accurately determine the current status of the project.

Sign #3. Restart

There is nothing to discuss here. When a restart is announced, you must firmly make a decision for yourself that investing in this project is no longer advisable after the announced news. Restart - should be a signal of the official termination of the investment project in the eyes of the investor. We can not even name any unique cases of work after the restart. Is that MMM, superkopilka and all.

PS If you know the successful cases of restart, write in the comments. It will be very interesting to read.

Sign #4. Generous promotions

An administrator of an investment project suddenly announces a stock. It does not matter what it is: a bonus to the deposit, an increase in partner charges at the time of the promotion, competitions or the addition of a new investment plan. If the project is not particularly stable and works for a short period of time, then this may be a sign of an approaching SCAM.

PS In more top-end investment projects, stocks can be in the order of things. For example, as it was in the legendary Razzleton or in the economic game Fun fishermen.

Sign #5. Open insider

Probably, each of you would go to a project with a well-known administrator than to the one whose administration is absolutely unknown. This is not surprising, but at the same time, open insiders play a cruel joke with the duration of the investment project. Advertising is replete everywhere about the experience of the administration and it begins to shower. This is the next sign of the looming SCAM.

A word of advice: You can always clarify information, ask opinions from reputable bloggers, leaders or various chat rooms before causing panic or making decisions. Trust experienced investors who have been in the HYIP industry for years.

Sign #6. Zakidon

This feature is often associated with feature No.5. Having learned about the eminent administration, the project begins, in the literal sense of the word, to shower money, and the administration's temptation to take money from the start increases. Why would they cost the project, which cost the cost of 1 000 $ - 2 000 $, when on the first day, conditionally, 10 000 $? The answer is obvious.

There are cases when, without an insider, they actively cast a project. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Recently, investors are doing everything, thereby filling the administration’s pocket.

A word of advice: In order to avoid investment in a project that has been cast, follow open statistics (not from the project itself, but on aggregators) before creating a deposit.

Sign #7. Blocking project investors

Administrators of investment projects happen to block the accounts of investors who allegedly violated certain rules. Not always the case after breaking the rules. The blocking may be unjustified due to the start of problems with the project. They block, mainly, investors with large deposits.

A word of advice: Always distribute cash using a diversification strategy. We recommend to read our article:

Sign #8. Technical problems

Various sorts of problems with the site of the investment project can signal an impending SCAM. Not just because it is impossible to fix. Not at all. Investors raise panic, withdraw funds and this negatively affects the future work of the investment project. After fixing problems and returning to their normal course, some players may not return to the project. Basically, this applies to piggy banks or fastov, where there is the possibility of withdrawal of the body of the deposit.

A word of advice: If you see problems with the site, withdraw the deposit body and participate further in profit or do not invest in the project at all.

Sign #9. vacation

Care for planned or unscheduled vacations is quite a popular topic among Russian administrators. Especially popular this way to avoid the processing of payments falls on the New Year period. You can consider leaving for holidays the actual SCAM of an investment project, since no one is going to return from there, as it was informed by the administration of the project. This is just an extra reason for not fulfilling your obligations to investors, to work and get some more cash from newbies.

Interesting fact: About 90% of investment projects cease to work after the completion of the so-called holidays.

Sign #10. Difficulties with communication with technical support

The last sign of the list, but by no means the least, is the problem of communication with technical support. If difficulties arise with the work of an investment project, it is most logical to contact technical support. If you previously contacted technical support and were answered at a fast pace, but now they are not, then this is an alarming sign of an oncoming SCAM. In general, initially, communication with technical support should be adjusted and answers should come almost "lightning fast." Agree that it is not worth the real company to answer its investors for a long time.

A word of advice: If a certain kind of problems occur, do not limit yourself to an online chat on the investment project website. Look for other contacts. For example, such as: mail and telegram chat.


Investing online is not a simple thing. It is necessary to have experience in order to be able to determine the preparation of an investment project, how much the project will work and the like. SCAMs, unfortunately, are a commonplace in the HYIP industry. You have to accept the fact that you will lose money. But, if you approach competently to the formation of your investment portfolio, then you can protect yourself, reduce the risk of loss of funds.

We have dismantled the TOP-10 signs of the looming SCAM for readers of our blog. If you remember these 10-signs of the looming SCAM, then you can protect yourself from losses in investing. Forewarned is forearmed.

We hope that the information was useful for both experienced and novice investors.

And what signs do you know of the looming SCAM? Write about it in the comments!

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    Thanks for the article, they wrote everything in detail. for restart there are exceptions work, but rarely is the project worked on experience, only restart after a long period of time.
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    Thank you for the article. I had that I feel intuitively not to invest in the project, but the greed ran. You need to listen to yourself more.
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    Thank you for the article. for some it will be very useful.
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    21.10.2020 17:31
    When instant payments are stopped in the project, then for the investor this is already a wake-up call - that's the same with the Finexgen project.
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    Thank you for the article!
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      In most projects, money can no longer be withdrawn after a deposit, these are tips for those who have not invested, or if someone is going to strengthen in order not to increase their losses
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