- Launches a contest on Facebook.

0.1 Bitcoin draw - predict 15 April price.

Due to the rapid growth in the number of subscribers to our community Facebook, management announced a new competition. Try to guess the bet of the most famous electronic coin 15 of April and get a cash reward for the most accurate forecast. Try your luck and test your analytical skills right now.

Terms and conditions of participation in the competition:

1. Subscribe to community:

2. Deliver лайк under the post

3. Write your prediction in the comments to the post: for example, 9874

4. Fill form 

bonus will be added to the 11 balance to users with the most accurate predictions after the end of the competition. The participant who called the nearest digit to the level that is valid on April 15 on 12: GMT, will receive a reward of 0.05 BTC. Participants who took second and eleventh place will be prize winners in the amount of 0.005 BTC.

Please remember that requests are accepted until 14 april 12: 00 GMT

Enjoy the first pleasant surprises from Coincome!

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