- Start of the second investor + referral competition. - Start of the second investor + referral competition.

Dear users, today launched the second competition of investors + referrers.

Competition is a great opportunity for active project participants to earn extra funds.

Each project user can compete for prizes in contests.

Winners will be rewarded to the account for withdrawal!

Winners are determined by the largest amount of replenishments or turnover of the structure during the competition.

The competition is held from 15.04.2019 to 10: 28 to 25.04.2019 to 10: 28 MSK.

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Комментарии (6)

  1. Nik888 April 21 2019 05: 29

    Thanks for the news.
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  2. Alex2601 April 17 2019 18: 43

    The duration of such projects depends mainly on referrals, so by the way, the contest!
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    1. 4difeer666 April 17 2019 20: 22

      I agree, you should always add interest to the project.
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  3. 4difeer666 April 16 2019 19: 21

    Excellent opportunity to earn referrals, although the competition is mad already

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    1. fenix55 April 17 2019 02: 30

      that's for sure the project is gaining good popularity
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      1. 4difeer666 April 18 2019 14: 49

        He has already collected it, now it remains to maintain interest, after all there are limits
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