Weekly Report 08.04.19 - 14.04.19

Welcome, dear partners! We continue to lead our new weekly text report heading. In it, we will display the net income of the blog for the week, the latest events and a summary of the compensation.

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This report focuses on the weekly 08.04.19 - 14.04.19 segment.

Getting started!

PAOcard [NEW] - a new project that has appeared on our blog monitoring 10 April. Qualitative not only in technical terms, but also in terms of elaboration of the legend of activity, content and documentation. The administration has chosen a competent development strategy. The smooth addition of advertising resources contributes to a smooth start. With moderate marketing, the project has all the chances to go through the summer period. Bonus from our blog monitoring - + 5 %

Classyfancy [NEW] - Another newcomer to the past week of our investment portfolio. This time telegram-bot. A quiet project whose development is just beginning. The site serves as a business card, we don’t attach importance to it. Of the features, while among the fiat payment systems there is an opportunity to invest with the help of Payeer. Perfect Money and other payment systems are planned to be added gradually. Bonus from our blog monitoring - + 10 %.

Taxi money - the next week experienced a legendary economic game. "Survived" is not the word. Worked! Now that word. Bonus from the blog - + 5 %. The turnover of our team 72 942 $.

Megapawnshop - Last week, an investment project that works exclusively with cryptocurrencies, marked the month of work, and also pleased us with several updates. Telegram chat rooms were created in a variety of languages ​​for investors, and a multilingual presentation of the investment project was added. For a week at an interest rate 2.8% it was possible to earn 19.6%. Bonus from the blog - + 5 %. The turnover of our team 9 644 $.

CapEX24 - stable work and stable income shows this investment project for a long time. Last week, together with investors, we had the opportunity to earn 5% + arrived. Bonus from the blog - + 5 %. The project is under insurance in the amount of 500$. The turnover of our team 8 725 $.

Bizzilion - more than 300 days pleases us with stable payments this investment project, which works exclusively with cryptocurrencies for a long time. If we consider that we have introduced a new investment plan that promises to bring 2.15% every day, over the past week, investors had the opportunity to earn 15.05% profit. 12 April Bizzilion reported adding a webinar page. Bonus from the blog - + 6 %. The project is under insurance in the amount of 1 000 $. The turnover of our team 7 237 $.

Cashluxe trade - continues to demonstrate the performance of a significant period of time. There is no significant news on the project. We continue to receive net profit. Bonus from the blog - + 3 %. The turnover of our team 4 377 $.

Gold net vision - MLM-project continues to adhere to the plan and does not take HYIP blogs or monitoring. The project is on the blog already 2 week. Who came with us, they had the opportunity to earn before 25%-29.5% in view of our bonus. Bonus from the blog - + 5 %. The turnover of our team 4 173 $.

Eratech planet - this low-income project continues to fulfill its obligations and demonstrates the performance for a long time. Bonus from the blog - + 1.5 %.

Albiton - the hourly in the next week brought for us and our investors 28% arrived. Bonus from the blog - + 4 %.

Russian Roulette - a project with a very interesting legend almost every day notifies its investors about successful transactions. Bonus from the blog - + 5 %.

Gippo Miners - The project faced a number of problems. In this regard, we are on the blog monitoring with the status of "Problems". Bonus from the blog - + 5 %. The project is under insurance in the amount of 1 000 $.

Caribbean Dream - we no longer participate in this project, but development and activity continues. Bonus from the blog - + 1 %.

Integra Trade - a working partisan who has been with us on the blog for more than a month and makes it possible to receive daily after the circle’s close 2.1% net profit. Bonus from the blog - + 1 %.

Solid Trade Bank - a real long-lived partisan who has been working for more than 2000 days, and on our blog there are more than 160 days. Not everyone will like the percentage of profitability, but payments here are still stable. Bonus from the blog - + 0.5 %.

Fun fishermen - last week in the economic game, as always, there was a series of news, which we will display below. The economic game is insured in the amount of 200$.

Elitpayments - a fresh low-income project, which is just beginning its development. Made with high quality, has a stylish site design, there is a high level of training in terms of technology, as well as informative content. Investment offer offers to earn from 0.8% to 1.2% daily throughout 150-200 days Bonus from our blog monitoring - + 5 %.

News of the week

09.04.2019 Megapawnshop.com - Chats in different languages ​​are created in Telegram.

10.04.2019 Fun-Fishermen.org - Update Schedule.

10.04.2019 Megapawnshop.com - Neo and Zcash cryptocurrencies have been added.

12.04.2019 Bizzilion.com - Webinar page has been added..

12.04.2019 Megapawnshop.com - Added multilingual presentation.

Scam of the week

Last week, the following investment projects:

09.04.2019 Coinext (70% net profit 45 days of work) - the project worked well, but did not receive popularity among investors. Since posting on the blog, 44 of the day has passed, you could go through 14 circles on 3 of the day and earn up to 100% net profit, taking into account the bonus from the blog.

09.04.2019 Universiada (43.3% from deposit, 40 days of work) - the admin could not please us with a profit. We hope that everyone came to short plans with the included deposit and withdrawn daily. Must cover most of the losses.

09.04.2019 Doubly (214.36% net profit 146 days of work) - hard to part with top projects, but sooner or later it had to happen. As part of the blog, the project has worked 132 of the day, during this time it was possible to at least double your contribution! There is an insurance fund in the amount of 1000 $ on compensation.

10.04.2019 Btraders (50% + net profit 92 day of work) - after rebranding, it worked poorly, and during partisan work, it was a good job, it was partisan on the 30 blog of days, it was possible to earn up to 50% of net profit. The strategy of the game in the partisans is apparently changing, and after rebranding, many try to get out by taking deposits, depending of course on how popular and further the development of the project is.

10.04.2019 Forest4 (70% from deposit, 37 days of work) - tormented admin all week long payments. To date, there are none and everything, already 3-th pending. Those who came right after the placement were able to return about 70-75% of the deposit, taking into account the refka, but even less. The admin decided to just leave and not pull the project out of the quirk. Although I could try to bring at least to breakeven, given that there were no costs for advertising on blogs, many went by themselves.

10.04.2019 Profitowls (50% from deposit, 41 day of work) - the game with such profitability worked very poorly, there were not so many inputs, we will cover most of the losses. From the general fund of the blog will be allocated an amount to cover losses.

12.04.2019 Propercash (49% from deposit, 9 days of work) - the admin writes that it is not his fault and threw off the screen of the last scam on one of the monitors, where in the last 3 of the day it went into scam around 20 projects. The March Bench continues. Now is not the time for large investments; there are very few worthwhile projects. We will look closely, maybe take something really worthwhile, but for now we are working with what has survived. We must not forget about diversification and the golden rules of investment, articles about which we often remind! Share your investment portfolio - a must!

Compensation week

Last week we paid compensation for the following investment projects:

Weekly yield chart

We would like to draw your attention to the moment that the calculation of profitability is carried out from the point of view of an ordinary investor, without taking into account partner charges.

Recommended articles of the week

Enough more amount of scams last week on our blog, but at the same time we covered, almost everywhere, with 100% losses! Do not rush to get upset. Just now is not the time for large investments. We wait for calm and continue to monitor promising investment projects for you, our readers.

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