- Schedule updates. - Schedule updates.

Dear fishermen! Despite the fact that many projects are lagging around in a circle before they even start, we continue to work and please you with timely payments.

Our project is already 146 day, more than 17000 fishermen have already earned good interest, some of you have already doubled and tripled their deposits, and then there will be even more

We remind you that we are working until the end of the project reserve, thanks to your reinvestments, we will be able to pay long enough, the main thing is to have support from you!

We, in turn, as promised, we report the schedule of updates for the near future.

11.04. Bonus on replenishment + 5% to 14.04. in honor of the 150 project days.
15.04. The start of the competition of investors + referrals.
17.04. Adding a new section Fish Farm.
20.04. Adding a new fishermen branch. Purchase is available under special conditions.
23.04. Adding a history of completed tasks in the Bounty section.
25.04. Adding new banners.
28.04. Adding a new mini-game.
1.05. Adding a new promotional character.

Thank you for trusting our project!

Good luck!

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Комментарии (7)

  1. Marina April 13 2019 08: 36

    Just brilliant marketers!
    A complaint
  2. Nik888 April 13 2019 00: 59

    Thanks for the news.
    A complaint
  3. Alex2601 April 11 2019 17: 00

    Not bad plans, it remains to bring them to life!
    A complaint
    1. MrFox April 15 2019 12: 37

      The project pleases, and goes the right way.
      A complaint
  4. 4difeer666 April 11 2019 13: 34

    Excellent schedule, and most importantly correctly built, I think you can get to summer
    A complaint
    1. Nik888 April 13 2019 00: 58

      I don’t know how until summer, but I would like at least until the end of the month.
      A complaint
  5. fenix55 April 11 2019 10: 13

    excellent, the project continues active development astonished
    A complaint