- Chats in different languages ​​are created in Telegram.

Communication without Borders: Megapawnshop chats in different languages ​​are created in Telegram

Seeking to provide an opportunity for interaction and comfortable communication to all our partners, Megapawnshop uses all available modern solutions. And to achieve this goal, we created Telegram chats in different languages. Now you can share your experience with like-minded people without the need for dictionaries and translators.

Currently 10 chat rooms are available in the most popular languages ​​among our partners. And in the future we plan to expand this list in accordance with the needs of users of our platform. Join our chat rooms and chat with partners from your region. All links are available in our main Telegram. Megapawnshop takes care of everyone!

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  1. Nik888
    15.04.2019 22:40
    Thanks for the information.
  2. Marina
    13.04.2019 08:37
    This is correct, communication is good for the project.
    1. udimka
      14.04.2019 23:01
      I have already entered the chat but the people there are still few.