- Added Portuguese.

Fulfilling the wishes and following the recommendations of our partners, Bizzilion continues to expand the platform’s language bar. And today our site is translated into one of the most popular languages ​​of the Romance group - Portuguese. This will make working with our platform more comfortable and greatly simplify it for a significant part of our users.

Switching the platform interface to Portuguese is very simple: you need to click on the language bar and then select the appropriate flag. You can take advantage of the translation right now. Write in the comments if you are satisfied with this innovation and news about what language you would like to read further. Bizzilion wishes you good luck and pleasant work!

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  1. Nik888
    07.04.2019 18:09
    Good news, thanks.
  2. Alex2601
    05.04.2019 07:25
    Everything suits the project, so what, that now the output should wait more than a week, if only it worked for a long time!
    1. fenix55
      06.04.2019 11:06
      with my two mini-deposits even more unamused
    2. udimka
      14.04.2019 23:05
      Already so many times raised the Minimal to the conclusion. And at the start I took out every day)
  3. fenix55
    05.04.2019 02:11
    all this is wonderful, the main thing is that the minimum salary is not further raised, otherwise we will have to wait for six months to pay blush
    1. Marina
      11.04.2019 08:28
      Yes, there is minimal tin here of course.
  4. 4difeer666
    04.04.2019 19:16
    New and new languages, which means new stream of users in theory, has already given a project, it remains to withdraw and get 100% profit!
    1. udimka
      14.04.2019 23:06
      Most of all I am waiting for the Russian language)
  5. Marina
    04.04.2019 18:00
    What a great fellow! The project is really pleased with the results.