- Minimum withdrawal amount has been changed. - Minimum withdrawal amount has been changed.

According to statistics, the popularity of cryptocurrency has recently increased significantly. The number of investments on the Bizzilion platform is also constantly growing. Along with these factors, the load on the blockchain increases significantly. And in order to speed up the processing of BTC transactions, we decided to increase the commission for the network and the minimum withdrawal amount from the platform.

This will allow us to make payments, as we did before. We draw your attention to the fact that this measure is temporary and is aimed solely at optimizing the operation of the platform and increasing the level of comfort for our partners. We also remind you that you can use the BTC exchange in LTC to withdraw amounts less than the minimum allowed for BTC. Thank you for your understanding and wish you a comfortable work!

The minimum withdrawal amount for users of the Bizzilion online platform is 0,002 BTC, 0,02 LTC, 500 DOGE, 0,05 DASH, 0,01 BCH, 0,02 XMR, 0,02 ZEC, 7 XRP or 0,01 ETH.

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Комментарии (14)

  1. Nik888 April 7 2019 18: 07

    Thanks for the information.
    A complaint
  2. Marina April 4 2019 18: 06

    Change to lightcoins and output without problems, I have already tried. Moreover, the course will pleasantly surprise you. Try it.
    A complaint
    1. udimka April 23 2019 13: 40

      In the project itself, can I change something?
      A complaint
  3. Alex2601 April 4 2019 08: 27

    Consider that in 2.5 times they increased the minimum salary, they increase it a second or third time, but just to pay!
    A complaint
    1. Nik888 April 7 2019 18: 00

      I agree, the main thing that the project would pay and as long as possible.
      A complaint
      1. udimka April 14 2019 23: 08

        Now I print once in 10 days)
        A complaint
  4. fenix55 April 4 2019 03: 44

    well, the further the merrier anguished
    A complaint
  5. Marina April 3 2019 23: 22

    I changed the cue ball to light, I will try to display it.
    A complaint
    1. 4difeer666 April 3 2019 23: 53

      By the way, a great idea, but now I need cue or ether, I could exchange it on the air, I would definitely exchange it
      A complaint
      1. Marina April 4 2019 18: 04

        They have a very good exchange rate, change, you will regret it! Three times higher happened. Everything came without problems.
        A complaint
        1. 4difeer666 April 4 2019 18: 52

          Yes, I have nowhere to display them, to be honest, look at the course
          A complaint
          1. Marina April 5 2019 14: 01

            you can go to a kryptonator
            A complaint
  6. 4difeer666 April 3 2019 22: 49

    Well, this is already too much, why do such things (And the air has not changed)
    A complaint
  7. Marina April 3 2019 22: 40

    Serious minimal salary of course, I hope all the same temporary.
    A complaint