- Rebranding. New design, tariff plans and affiliate program!

We have updated our site with new design and plans! As you can see, we updated the design and developed plans for Btraders. We hope you find our new design appealing! Now you can earn 5% daily for 30 days, 7% daily for 22 days, 110% after 5 days, and also receive a referral bonus of 5% for the first row. We look forward to every investor who joins our system!

During the guerrilla project on the blog you could earn up to 51% net income.

New contribution 200 $ under rebranding. Expanded deposit up to 500 $.

The project has a bonus from the deposit. 5%

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  1. fenix55
    02.04.2019 03:56
    modifying the second contribution, I hope to finalize the scam. and then the latest trend does not always show a good job after dressing
  2. 4difeer666
    01.04.2019 00:25
    But I’ll probably come out after working out the depot, this is my tendency after changing the design at the desks
  3. MrFox
    31.03.2019 21:21
    Good news, profit pleases.
  4. Marina
    30.03.2019 21:44
    Thanks for the news, great result.