- Added cryptocurrency Zcash.

Continuing to expand the list of cryptocurrencies available on our platform, Bizzilion always takes into account the opinion of its partners. And today, by popular demand, we are adding a Zcash coin. For two years of its existence, this cryptocurrency has established itself as a reliable and promising currency.

Now, if you have capital in Zcash, you can invest it in our platform to get passive income. This cryptocurrency is available in all replenishment and withdrawal plans. We make every effort to create a comfortable environment for cooperation. Write in the comments which cryptocurrency, in your opinion, should be added further.

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  1. MrFox
    29.03.2019 22:15
    This project really surprises with its cool work!
  2. Nik888
    28.03.2019 15:40
    Thanks for the news.
  3. Marina
    27.03.2019 22:55
    Well done - the project really works and pleases with development!
    1. udimka
      14.04.2019 23:07
      This project of all that I saw the largest chat with the participants.
  4. Alex2601
    27.03.2019 18:47
    So another crypt has appeared on a decent project, I think it will still delight us with its payments!
    1. Nik888
      28.03.2019 15:41
      The project is interesting, just a pity that one crypt in the project.
      1. udimka
        14.04.2019 23:06
        Well, maybe in the future bucks will also appear.