- Serial scam projects. Why is there scamp?

Good day, partners, investors and friends!

Our blog is doing everything possible to support you and significantly reduce losses when investing in HYIPs.

Today we paid compensation for all projects that left us, for the last week for a total of 5 000 $.

On the HYIP market went scam. There are such periods, for a long time nothing much goes into the scam, + - on several projects, but then projects start to close abruptly in batches. Scams + are launched quickly + giants leave and old people who have worked adequately + can pull other work projects along as investors begin to be wary of investing during the board or leave projects in which they participate.

Friends, not a reason to get upset about SCAMs), there are many good projects ahead of us, as well as a lot of insurance and large refbekov. Therefore, we select the snot and move on!

We must not forget about the diversification and golden rules of investment, articles about which we often remind! Share your investment portfolio - a must!

We invest together with the team and get the best conditions for cooperation in strong projects!

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  1. matrix2000
    26.05.2019 18:22
    Wow, it was even so much scam) tin)
  2. fenix55
    02.04.2019 03:16
    the last two weeks just do not please the bench. Actually, blog insurance helps a lot to minimize losses. we hope in the future we will see many worthy projects
    1. 4difeer666
      02.04.2019 09:43
      In theory, after the black band goes white, it remains to catch it)
  3. MrFox
    28.03.2019 09:45
    The article is very timely - now everyone is depressed, I think there is no such investor that this wave of scams would not catch. But it is correctly written that we must not despair and move on!
  4. Marina
    27.03.2019 22:54
    Thank you for your support - if it were not for the insurance, everything would be much sadder! There is only profit ahead!
  5. Nik888
    27.03.2019 20:46
    Thank you for your support in this difficult task.
  6. Alex2601
    27.03.2019 18:45
    Now investors will enter with even greater caution, but I think if decent projects appear on the blog, but if they are also well insured, then the depot will flow, and my dep will also go to a pretty projector!
  7. 4difeer666
    27.03.2019 13:31
    It’s sad of course at such moments, but someone needs to work them out, so we move on with new forces
  8. Lavr
    27.03.2019 10:20
    What should we do if there is no snot)) Stand still ....
  9. fenix55
    27.03.2019 05:31
    lately there are really many scams and it’s already really scary to enter new projects) but I hope everything will get better