Weekly video report 18.03.19 - 24.03.19

Weekly video report 18.03.19 - 24.03.19
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A rather difficult last but one week of March has stood out. Quite a lot of scams, but do not rush to get upset. Dedicated loss insurance will cover part or 100% of losses and we will move on!

We have collected the news of the past week for you and are ready to share them with you.

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Well then. We will not be unfounded and invite you to read our video report!

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Video review

You can watch the report on the events of the past week in a convenient video format on our Youtube channel.

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Комментарии (7)

  1. Alex2601 26 March 2019 18: 46

    Yes, there are many scams in such a short period of time, spring takes its toll!
    A complaint
    1. MrFox 31 March 2019 21: 50

      Straight bundles fell down, somehow I don’t remember the same scampade that year, it was but it seems not so strong.
      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 April 1 2019 00: 13

        Now we have to wait for the tops, and maybe they already have) Alya forest
        A complaint
  2. Nik888 26 March 2019 10: 53

    Thanks for the video report.
    A complaint
  3. MrFox 25 March 2019 22: 56

    Very convenient video format, thanks!
    A complaint
  4. Marina 25 March 2019 21: 04

    Thank you, all in one clip - short and clear!
    A complaint
  5. 4difeer666 25 March 2019 21: 00

    Thanks for the report, there are really a lot of scams in a week (
    A complaint